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WWE Tag Renaissance of 2012-2014


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I have been thinking about the tag team scene in WWE lately, and how awesome it was from the moment the Shield stepped onto the scene in late 2012 until almost the moment they broke up.  Every week seemed to have multiple quality tag and trios matches that got ample time and focus.  Tons of good teams were hanging around and lots of makeshift combos gave TV trios tons of variety and kept things fresh.  I want to know, for point of comparison, what other 18 month or 2 years stretches rival this one in terms of tag team quality?  Late 80s NWA?  I am sure there are plenty of other candidates out there, but just curious what others hold in high esteem.  I am planning on revisiting this time period and taking a deep look at the week-to-week that WWE was putting out there, but I think it'd be much more interesting if I had something else to parallel against it. 

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