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[2018-07-22-Dragon Gate-Kobe Pro Wrestling Festival] Masato Yoshino vs Shingo Takagi


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A little underwhelming for a Kobe Fest main event, but still a great match on par with their King Of Gate match at least. Shingo was a total beast in this match as he just destroyed Yoshino for most of it. Yoshino on the other hand had very amazing selling as his body would constantly crumble at the beating he was being given. The finish is where I have to show a little disappoint though as Yoshino quickly made his comeback to lock in Shingo for the win, which was anticlimactic after the punishment he had gone through. Still, the story leading up to this match was great at least as it had major repercussions, ****1/4.

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I don't watch DG so I cannot comment on the storylines. 

That being said, I respectfully disagree with Yoshino's selling being amazing. A person can only sell being KO'd/loopy/spaghetti legs etc. & then run around doing moves so many times. So, I suppose that the true flaw was the layout. They figured that was how they wanted to do it- OK. I enjoyed this for SHINGO or is it just Shingo now? He beat the crap outta Speed Star. Speed Star essentially no sold it a bunch of times, did some tilt-a-whirl stuff, eh 27 minutes could have been 17 instead.

****1/4 is 2018 big match inflation. Probably more like *** if in comparison to the tag match that preceded it because (to me) there is no way the two bouts are comparable in quality.

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