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Poll for 11/19/06; Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle I Part 2

Guest HTQ

What do you think the finish of Joe vs. Angle I should be?  

  1. 1.

    • Joe wins clean via pinfall or tap out
    • Joe wins via DQ, CO or other cheap decision
    • Angle wins clean via pinfall or tap out
    • Angle wins via DQ, CO or other cheap decision
    • Non-finish; DDQ, DCO, DTKO, or other

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Guest The Original HTQ

What do you think the finish to Joe vs. Angle should be? We've talked about what the finish will likely be, but what do you think it should be?


I've always said that Joe should go over clean. This is what I've said elsewhere:


Joe has to go over and it has to be clean.


Joe going over establishes that TNA's top star is better than one of WWE's top stars, and it makes TNA look good to be able to say that one of their stars beat a WWE star who wanted to try his luck in TNA. It also goes a long way to making Joe seem special again, because for quite some time now he's been just another guy in a crowded main event scene. Beating Angle makes Joe special and TNA need a homegrown talent that is special, because they cannot rely on WWE to keep letting top names go. While Angle can beat Joe eventually, he cannot beat him now. Angle is already over enough and is established enough that ending Joe's streak does almost nothing for him and would only make Joe, and TNA, look bad because it establishes that a top WWE guy can beat a top TNA guy, and TNA does not need to make itself look bad any more than it already has. Joe beating Angle can make for a great, and very believable storyline, where Angle can say that he underestimated Joe and the competition in TNA but when he gets that rematch he won't make that mistake. Angle putting over Joe like that puts over TNA, and Angle talking up the wrestlers in TNA makes them look special, because you've got Kurt Angle, who the fans respect a lot and who they believe is a genuine tough guy, telling them that the wrestlers in TNA are not to be taken lightly.

Joe losing cleanly would further establish the idea that TNA wrestlers are inferior to WWE wrestlers, even if it is a top name like Angle. Joe winning, even if it is a close call, at least establishes right off the bat that TNA's top wrestler is better than one of WWE's top wrestlers. Angle doesn't need to win right away, but Joe does and TNA needs Joe to win right away. Angle is established to the mainstream already. Joe isn't and neither is TNA, and Joe winning would be a big boost. If Joe loses by DQ for not letting go of the choke, they still push the idea that Joe choked out Kurt Angle. They could also push Joe as this monster who endangered the life of the guy TNA are hoping to help take them to the next level. This could get Joe over big as a heel and further cement Angle as a babyface, which can the play into their rematch down the line with Angle going for revenge against the man who tried to end his career.

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