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Stan Hansen vs. Kenta Kobashi 4-10-94

This is a Champion's Carnival match.



* Hansen being absolutely surly, and Kobashi being a daredevil against the huge Texan.

* Kobashi bringing the fight to Hansen, retribution for years of being Hansen's punching bag.

* The brawling on the outside was terrific, Kobashi was like a man possessed.

* The bumps and stiffness, staples of AJPW in the '90s. Like the powerbomb on the floor with Vader like force.

* Kobashi's spectacular selling, Hansen was no slouch either.



* The ref and his terrible counts - All Japan had some of the worst refs ever.

* Didn't live up to expectations of their 7/29/93 match, but it would be hard too.




Mitsuharu Misawa vs. Toshiaki Kawada 4/11/94

For some reason, this is not a Champion's Carnival match.



* Its Misawa and Kawada. I know that this train of thought wouldn't be as valid in their later stages, but in '94, it is gospel.

* Action packed contest until the time limit is reached. There is no wasted movement.

* Closing sequence. I knew it was going to be a draw, but the heat and build is epic. Kawada holding on, while taking immense damage is a great character building match.

* The dive block sequence was splendid.

* Kawada utilizing the head exploding philosophy, but not going ape shit with it.

* No moves are really given, I have always liked this. It is not just kick in the gut, then wham, like in the US.

* Pacing was well executed.



* Clipping. I hate it when matches like this are clipped.

* Misawa's Hogan-esque comeback and spotty selling.

* Again, expectations. Although this is an awesome match, and each of their bouts was a building experience leading to 6-3, I just want more.



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