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[2018-11-08-Impact Wrestling] Moose vs Eddie Edwards


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I thought this was tremendous and should've been the match they had at Bound For Glory, although potentially being on Impact meant it got the time to breathe that it might not have done on the PPV. This had a fantastic intensity to it - everything the two guys did was full force with no holding back. I loved Edwards dives to the outside, and the brawling around the ring looked intense and not contrived. Moose can sometimes be a bit too passive when I watch him wrestle, where the action feels detached, but his performance in this match is why I think he has a lot of ability and can be a top of the card player for Impact. He really brought his A game here, and both conveyed hatred without taking you out of the action to set up convoluted structures to put people through. Everything felt organic in terms of the violence and the escalation and they absolutely ripped into each other with some brutal chops. The tossed power bomb from the ring to the ramp had me out of my seat. 

Would very much recommend this to anyone to check out, and the ending leaves things nicely poised for another match between the two. I hope if we get that and they try to ratchet things up even more that we don't get a cliched plunder brawl, but that they continue to bring this level of intensity and aggression. Great match (****)

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