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An unscheduled roundtable/rotating guest podcast to discuss the fun in pro wrestling without really reviewing the matches, historical significance, or drawing power of anything. An opportunity for comedy and/or people to talk about favorites and/or “out there” ideas without repercussion or high level analysis. A focus on nostalgia, challenges, product enjoyment & taste level for everyone out there. Topics will change through many different style things from conceptual fantasy drafts (wrestlers, matches, concepts) to rebooking past storylines/years, to “mixtape” and conceptual “playlist” creation. Essentially, trying to take almost all large scale “objective” discourse away from wrestling and just talking about the thing we love in confined and defined ways.

Twitter: @wwfantasia



Episode 1: Ultimate Halloween Havoc Draft (w/ Drew Wardlaw)

https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/world-wrestling-fantasia/id1485077001 (RSS feed available at above Podiant Link)

Welcome to World Wrestling Fantasia (@wwfantasia), a new podcast by Andy LaBarre, formerly of Fightning Network Friends - taking wrestling consumption into a whole new (and nerdy) direction. World Wrestling Fantasia plans to give you episode after episode of niche fantasy drafts, games, mixtape creations, lists, and more - taking the analytics out of wrestling, ramping up the nostalgia and just having fun.

In this first episode, we keep things seasonal as Andy and his good friend Drew (@_burningspirits) “compete” against each other to craft their ideal 10-match Halloween Havoc card from the past.

The rules are simple: A wrestling can only wrestling once per card, a title can only be defended once per card, and everything else is open.

The two have a blast reminiscing about some of their all time favorite WCW PPV’s and make some odd draft picks along the way.

As stated multiple times during the episode, Andy is working on editing together video for the two cards that were created here. Please follow World Wrestling Fantasia on Twitter (@wwfantasia) for links to those files.




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