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#StandUp Help Pelle Primeau


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"Let everyone know that when bigshots talked and walked, you made the choice to #StandUp and do something. Every sale goes directly to the $25000 goal for legal representation for Pelle Primeau."

https://squareofopposition.limitedrun.c ... cts/692852

So we have the speaking out movement and we have this. ROH Alumni Pelle Primeau needs YOUR help. Some of you have donated to GoFundMe.com/FightPelleFight well now you can get a kick ass shirt to go with that donation. As a reminder, I'm sending DVDs from my personal collection to everyone who donates $50 and multi-disc custom comps to people donating $100. Don't want the DVD, that's cool too, buy a shirt and support a man who gave his body for you, the ROH fan. #StandUp against abuse and a serial abuser by supporting Pelle through two unique places and a great shirt.

An aside, this shirt was drawn by Grizzly Redwood, and the production of the shirt was set up by Rhett Titus. The ROH family, doesn't stop when people leave wrestling. Let's support Pelle Primeau TOGETHER!

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