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The Lapsed Timeline

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The Lapsed Timeline is now being migrated from Voices of Wrestling to Pro Wrestling Ponderings. With that migration comes some changes that greatly excite me, allowing for potential directions and advocacy spotlights that would’ve otherwise just been pipe-dreams.

With this kicking off “The Lapsed Migration,” it marks that the timeline is starting over and will be done in proper chronological order going forward. There are gems throughout the underground in 2001 that previously went uncovered – they will now be added as the timeline prior to February 23, 2002 gets properly reconfigured. Everything that can possibly be covered to get the full context going into that historic date will be included.

For this summer through early next year, the plan is every review will be posted on the 20th anniversary date of the event it covers; for coverage of footage from multiple events, the aim will be for the 20th anniversary of the primary or highlight footage of that review. That means that the Ring of Honor coverage will not be migrated over until February 23, 2022.

Next year will mark the 20th anniversary of a very historic time in pro wrestling history – the birth of ROH, the move to PPV for AJPW, and the first-ever main roster split in what was still known as the WWF. There will be so many other 20th anniversaries of what was such a loaded 2002 in hindsight for the professional wrestling industry. While the Monday Night War had concluded a year prior, the business kept finding ways to remain newsworthy, getting its newsletter media and the fans who hadn’t abandoned ship buzzing on a weekly basis.

And I can’t wait to reflect back on it all 20 years later… including the former World Wrestling Federation.

But before we get to that, we have the years 2000 and 2001 to migrate over and fill in any noticeable holes for. This time, all existing reviews will be thoroughly combed through for proper spelling and grammar, as well as the kind of formatting that is up to my standard.

Most importantly, every review on The Lapsed Timeline (including these ones being migrated over) will have a charity spotlight – a concept inspired by “The Nostalgia Critic” Doug Walker. These spotlights may sometimes also serve as forms of advocacy, potentially causing discomfort in readers.

Please keep in mind as “The Lapsed Migration” begins, that the goal will never be to shame any of you; on the contrary, the hope is to enlighten you, to help open your hearts and minds, and to reflect on the various ways in which all of us can help those in more vulnerable and/or less fortunate positions, then spring it into action.

I want to thank Voices of Wrestling for the exposure throughout 2020, and now look forward to The Lapsed Timeline being in its natural home that is Pro Wrestling Ponderings.

This is The Lapsed Timeline.

Extra notes:

I will not be attempting an archive of the timeline in this thread. I've got much grander ideas for an archive once it's grown substantially enough.

The Lapsed ROHbot will not only remain as the flagship of the timeline, but will be posted specifically on the ROH World home page.

The first chapter in this reset/migrated timeline is...

The Lapsed Navigation: The Birth of NOAH + Departure 2000 (8/5 and 8/6/2000)
Spotlighted charity: Shine On! Kids

The Lapsed Timeline restarts, going back to the beginning of the 21st Century and venturing into the realm of puroresu, showcasing the birth of Pro Wrestling NOAH and the main events of its double-shot debut weekend.

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