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Stan Hansen's debut in AJPW happened during Tatsumi Fujinami's wedding

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Taking a break for a couple days before I start on the longest chapter. I've thrust myself so deeply into transcription that I've barely watched any wrestling since the start of February. However, I will leave you guys with a fun little nugget I just found on a post from Igapro's old blog (this article was reproduced on their current site but with this bit taken out): The 1981 RWTL final, where Hansen made his shocking AJPW entrance, was happening at the same time as Fujinami's wedding reception, so that is where Hisashi Shinma (and presumably the others) found out that All Japan had struck back at them. That's amazing, but I pity Fujinami's wife for having their special occasion probably be ruined by the stress of her new husband's coworkers.

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