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[1978-07-26-AJPW] Dick Slater & Terry Funk vs Giant Baba & Jumbo Tsuruta


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This is a match I first saw quite a few months ago and since then, parts of it have never fully escaped my mind. It shares the same kind of dynamic that Terry and Dory Jr. had between Baba & Jumbo - face/face where the gaijins have to figure out a strategy against All Japan's superteam. However the appeal to me is how it stands as one of the oldest examples we have in full of learned psychology across a single match. Plenty of instances throughout of moves being repeated any being countered, either returning the action to a standstill early on, or shifting momentum to the other team. This is all on top of the generally impressive strikes, grappling and pace from all men involved. As far as significance goes, it's also the first time (to my knowledge) when Jumbo gets a pinfall victory over Terry.

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