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[2022-04-23-Kyushu Pro] Hitamaru Sasaki & Kodai Nozaki vs Minoru Tanaka & Soma Watanabe


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Tanaka defeated Sasaki with a high kick in the latter's first GLEAT match to date, leading to this tag bout. Watanabe shoves Sasaki before the bell, setting the tone for the match. A cagey start follows, with both competitors relying on kicks. Neither was able to gain the advantage, and wholesale tags were made. Tanaka had to rely on his technique to overwhelm the brute force of Nozaki, forcing him into the corner to make a tag out to Sasaki.

Sasaki and Tanaka become entangled in a battle of leglocks, forcing Hitamaru to use the first rope break for his team. Back inside, Nozaki overwhelms Soma and shows off some impressive mat work of his own. One minor quibble I have with this match is that it felt like Nozaki wasn't able to showcase his skill-set as much with the focus being on Sasaki, Watanabe, and to a lesser extent, Tanaka. It felt like he disappeared for large segments of the match, often tagging out almost as quickly as he entered the ring.

Nozaki caught Tanaka in a deep side headlock, but Minoru escaped, only to be downed by a lariat. A leg lock followed shortly thereafter, and Nozaki was forced to use another rope break. An opportunistic German suplex kept Watanabe down long enough for Sasaki to make the tag. From there, Watanabe and Sasaki started swinging wildly with kicks. After a blistering closing stretch, Sasaki hit a piledriver, then locked in a chokehold for the win. Not quite a great match, but one that got a lot right. If their interactions here were any indication, I'm in for a treat when I get to Sasaki and Watanabe's singles match from a few weeks later.

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