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[2022-05-01-Kyushu Pro] Kota Umeda vs Kodai Nozaki


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The appeal of this match is real simple. It's a guy who's built like a tank vs. a kicky boy. That dynamic plays out exactly how you'd imagine. Nozaki steamrolls Umeda with shoulder blocks, but Umeda makes good use of the Steamboat rule, fighting back whenever possible. Nozaki tries to take away the impact of Umeda's kicks, grounding him with a Boston Crab. Umeda bounces back with rapid-fire kicks, going after the leg to try and wear out his larger opponent. Umeda's been wrestling sporadically for the past few years, but the attitude and confidence that first drew me to him is still present. If he ever decides to return to wrestling full-time, he has star potential. Umeda nails Nozaki with a running high kick, but the behemoth follows it up with a Golden Spear for the win. A fun little romp that doesn't outstay its welcome. 

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