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[2002-09-09-PCW Carnage] Lobo vs Mad Dog McCrae


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2002.09.09 - Mad Dog McCrea vs. Lobo - NRBW, Taipei, 40,000 Raining Thumbtack Deathmatch - YouTube


This is a No Ropes Barbed Wire Taipei 40,000 Raining Thumbtacks Deathmatch (don't worry, I also don't know what that means fully). It's also a fairly infamous match in the history of Australian wrestling. At the time, the promotion (Professional Championship Wrestling) was more family-friendly oriented and still is to this day, but this deathmatch ended up with the company losing their home venue and causing a media storm that greatly affected their fan attendance for future events. As a deathmatch though, it's pretty fun. They deliver on plenty of gnarly bumps and violent spots. Barbed wire breaking off from the ring, thumbtacks falling from buckets high above the ring. It's a pretty fascinating spectacle in such a grimy building with low-budget production that at times makes me think this is what the ideal garbage wrestling looks like. Far from my favourite NRBW deathmatch, but hard not to admire, especially when it comes from my home country.

P.S. Not the Lobo from CZW


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