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[2002-06-11-HWA] Spanky vs Jonny Storm


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Kendrick's ability to be more technical means Storm is less 'go-go-go' than would be his normal approach at the time, and allows him to work in some of his technical/British counters, which is something he's always been super underrated with.

Jonny is in babyface mode here compared to the touring matches he's been doing with Jody Fleisch where he'd been the heel in those. Spanky is much more methodical than a lot of the other indie names at the time, and it helps Storm to slow down, sell and build sympathy. As things progress, Kendrick gets frustrated by Storm's ability to hang with him and ups the violence with a top rope stun gun. But as the pace picks up, this now plays into Jonny's strengths and he scores with a double jump somersault plancha which gets a great reaction from the crowd.

Down the stretch the match does slip into becoming a bit spotty, but the fans are now properly won over by Jonny who hits a series of his signature big moves for a series of nearfalls. Spanky is just trying desperately to hang in there for the last few mins, shocked he's on the verge of defeat when he's on home turf, until he gets that slight opening and kicks the ref into the ropes when Storm was up top. He then counters a rewind rana into a power bomb to eek out a win after hanging in there during a really impressive Storm flurry of offence. (** 3/4)  

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