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Jenne Yukari


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Jenne Yukari

Debut - October 1988

Retired in 1996

Jenne Yukari is a wrestler of note because she's the most blatant example of The Rose of Versailles and Takarazuka Revue's influence on young women and popular media during the last quarter of the 20th century. Her entrance gear is the most complete cosplay I've seen of a Takarazuka Revue Top Star's finale feathers, and specifically, Yukari cosplayed the main character of The Rose of Versailles, Oscar Jarjayes. Jenne's (ジェンヌ) name is a reference to Takarazuka as タカラジェンヌ/Takarasienne, is an official term used for Takarazuka actresses. 


It's ironic that in previous decades the crossover between Takarazuka, The Rose of Versailles, and joshi wrestling is seen in both the fanbase and on the rosters but during the 90s it grinds to a halt while Takarazuka goes on to have one of their most successful decades in their then 80-year history.

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