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[2003-05-09-MLW-Revolutions] Fuego Guerrero vs Ikuto Hidaka


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Guerrero is Amazing Red, in the persona that he was using in MLW. This is taking place in a nightclub in Orlando, but its a fun looking venue for wrestling with the balconies at the side. Very much appreciated the match not starting with the standard early 2000s crusierweight standoff, with Hidaka looking really smooth. Guerrero does a good job at keeping Hidaka off balance with his evasive spots, but as soon as Hidaka catches him and wheelbarrows him into the barricades, he's in charge. With his ability to kick as well as fly, Guerrero (Red) at this point was a really fun combination of Tajiri and Super Crazy.

The match loses its way a bit when Hidaka tries to work on the leg, but they do get things back on track with a series of creative sequences. Guerrero gets a rana off the top, followed by a red star press. At this stage he was getting a good push with the company. It felt a bit choreographed at times, but lots of energy and the two guys matched up well. (** 3/4) 

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