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Hey. First of all, I hope that I am not violating any rules here and won't get banned for bringing up another wrestling board. I am trying to log in to my old account there for months, but that board is not recognizing my password. I tried to reset it, but its seems like their board isnt able to send any mails. Same with trying to register a new account - no emails with activation of the account are being send. Their "Contact us" form also doesnt work. 

I heard that the owner had passed away earlier this year and it seems like whoever is in charge there now doesnt know what he is doing. 

If anyone here has an account there, could you please inform them that they can't welcome any new users anymore? As an owner of a few Invision Community boards I could offer my help if they would be interested. 

Hope I won't get in trouble for posting this here. Its just sad to see such a historical board being so badly managed.


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