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CM Punk v Samoa Joe

Guest Dazed

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Guest Dazed

Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk 6-12-04

Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk 10-16-04


As part of goodhelmet's awesome attempt to send me every great match ever (which will continue when my financial situation improves :))


After only watching the matches once, I'd put them down as some of the best this decade. I can't think of anything in NA that really touches them.


The psychology throughout both matches is sound, with Punk attempting to wear down Joe through repeated headlocks. In context, the moves work so much more than as the simple restholds WWE portray them as.


The second encounter plays off of many spots from the first. There's a sequence where Punk attempts to shoulder barge Joe, eventually growing frustrated, turning and slapping him. In the second match, we're set up for a repeat of this, but Joe realises when he's about to be slapped again, and acts first. This is one of several similar sequences where we see that they have learned from the first match.


The commentators must be singled out for praise. They provide insight and speculation, appearing knowledgeable without sounding like they've read a script.


The interactions with the crowd provide a welcome change of pace, and amusing insights into both characters.


Neither match seems to run an hour, which is a testament to the workrate of both guys.


Full reviews forthcoming after re-watching.

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