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Bret/Owen/Neidhart/DBS/Pillman v Austin/Goldust/LOD/Shamrock

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Guest KingPK

Canadian Stampede 10 man


Until Rock-Hogan I, probably the best crowd atmosphere the WWF has ever had, since you could literally see some parts of the arena shaking when Bret is introduced last. They seemed to feed off the crowd for the opening minutes of the match, and the quick tagging kept the action going with little to no slow periods, which was very good. The spots where one man ends up in the wrong corner and gets the shit beat out of him, drawing everyone in kept the crowd rabid and way into the match.


The problem comes when both Owen and Austin are taken out of the match; it seems like the other 8 guys just couldn't keep the intensity up without them. The lack of Austin especially hurt, since he was the guy most hated by the fans, and doing things like attacking the Hart family at ringside just fueled the flames. The ending was also a bit flat, but Austin made up for it afterwards by fighing the Harts all by himself and getting hauled away in cuffs, flipping off the Canadian crowd behind his back.


EDIT: Off topic, but I picked up Sex, Lies, and Headlocks from the library today. Should be an interesting read.

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