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The same move(s) on the same show

Guest Kenta Batista

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Guest Kenta Batista

The DDT is victim to this. During WCW's heyday's the luchas would break out about 5-8 DDT's in a match and guys like Bagwell would use it as transitional moves while Raven was using it as a finisher. WWE does a pretty good job of protected guys signature moves and so does TNA (to an extent-though Skipper and Shelley were using the same move at one point and it was a finisher for Skipper and just an impact move when Shelley did it). I guess mainly this is relegated to the indies now and I just want to know everyone's thoughts. When I was younger and watched WCW, I didn't really care, but NOW I cannot watch a full episode of Nitro without seeing a DDT doing so many times and just NOT BUYING it as anything other then the equivalent to a knockdown move that is used to slow your opponent down before sitting up for the next spot.


ROH in 2004 was guilty as sin with this as everyone thought they were fucking Kawada and Tsurta. In 2006 everyone thought they were Stan Hansen. Seeing the same move again and again? How many times do you see it in the same show before you do NOT buy the move as impact (if used as a finisher by one and not by another). How does that effect your rating of matches on the card that use the same move but different degrees of outcome steams from it (transitional for one match and victory for the other)..etc.


It's a pet peeve of mine and I usually wind up tuning out.

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Context is the issue more than anything.


I love Kid v. Bret from 94, but Waltman's use of a powerbomb is an absurd move in the context of the times. We're talking about a period where the only guys using that move were people like Sid, Vader and Diesel and then Kid breaks it out on a guy bigger than him no the less, despite having a gimmick that was basically "fast, skinny dude, that wins with crazy flippy offense."


Certain moves are going to become more common with time, varying place to place, et. Sometimes they are going to be overused to the point of absurdity and others times they will come across as legit killers (piledriver or top rope frankensteiner is a good example of a move that has seen the full rotation here). There is no way to stop it that I know of

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