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Villanos vs. Brazos, masks vs. masks, 10/21/88

ohtani's jacket


More of a heads up than a review.


If you've never seen the Villanos/Brazos masks match, it was uploaded onto youtube a few days ago.


It's not that easy to watch, because of the low tape quality and the guy playing with his camera functions, but it's a big match with an incredible atmosphere. The third fall is a great lucha brawl. You don't get a great look at the dive train or the finish since people are standing, but you do get to see the wrestlers leave the ring, which is footage you rarely ever see. The Brazos make a quick exit, while, one by one, the bloodied and battered Villanos stop to acknowledge the crowd, as they step through the ropes out onto the apron.


You have to squint a bit and miss a lot, but it's pretty much worth it for moments like that.


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