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AULL 8-man tag

ohtani's jacket


Negro Navarro & Killer Family (Rey Krimen, Sadico, Sepulturero I) vs. Ángel Azteca Jr., Brazo de Platino, Mascara Ano 2000 Jr & Shu el Guerrero, AULL 11/29/06


I wasn't sure what to expect from this, but it ended up being a fun match-up. The Killer Family weren't too bad. Apparently they were trained by Rocky Satana, so I guess they've got some ring sense.


And of course they were led by Negro Navarro, who's gotta be the most stoic motherfucker on the planet. He locked up with Máscara Año 2000 Jr, who'd been wrestling a little over two months. Navarro gave him a limb, then took him to fucking school. He didn't rub it it, but it was clear he could get a submission any time he wanted. I also liked how he joined in the rudo teaming. He doesn't use his fists a lot, but he has a mean punch and a hard head. There's so many ways he can fuck a guy up. Fujiwara is similar, but he always has a shit eating grin and would take the guy drinking afterwards. Navarro's just cold.


On the other side, you had Shu el Guerrero, one of the most useful guys in Mexico, and Brazo de Platino, another of the Brazo brothers. It's freaky how many Brazo brothers there are and how they all look alike. I mean there's the three famous ones and then there's more of them. Can't get my head around that. The old man was a virile bugger. Brazo de Platino apes Porky a bit, but he's his own man and his somersault senton was awesome. I dunno why there's an Angel Azteca junior, but he was fluid.


The Killer Family provided the dives to set up the finish, and what a finish... Navarro and Azteca were the two men left in the ring. The end was nigh and Azteca had one shot from the neutral position. Negro got his hands on him and it was all over. Submission finish. That was some cold blooded shit. Jesus, who wants to face Navarro with the match on the line?


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