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IWRG 3/14

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ohtani's jacket


IWRG 3/14


Los Traumas vs. Oficial 911 y Fierro


This wasn't as balls out awesome as it could've been, but what a crowd. Dhani Jones draws?


The most noteworthy/amusing thing about this match was when Trauma II was getting worked over in the ropes. The action switched to Trauma I on the outside, and when Terry panned back to II, the mask was there but the body was missing. Having read a bunch of old Doom Patrols recently it was kind of surreal to see a mask just swinging from the ropes.


Black Terry, Dr. Cerebro y Chico Che vs. Gringo Loco, El Hijo del Diablo y Avisman


God, this was awesome. MOTYC for sure. Recently, I've been wondering why the Cerebros have been so tame in this feud, just letting the Gringo Locos pussy whip them in every match, but the Cerebros fought back in this match and there was hell to pay. Hell, hell up in Naucalpan.


Black Terry was sublime in this match. Quite possibly one of the best performances I've seen him give. Last week, he was the angry victim. This week he was mad as hell and not going to take it. The slow burn on this was masterful, and when he finally decided to dish out some hell to Avisman it was fantastic since Avisman has the perfect face for begging off. The crowd were totally into Terry raising hell, digging every bit of stooging and every piece of payback. I wonder what the walk-up gate was like on this show. It was as though everyone who goes to Arena Naucalpan in the course of a month all decided to show up on the same night. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if some of these people hadn't been to an IWRG show for five years. The Black Terry fans were there in full force and they were loving it. Everyone was loving this. And in the middle of it all was Black Terry Jr., chronicling all of the chaos like a war correspondent. Give this man a Pulitzer!


Perhaps the best thing about this match was the Chico Che chant in the third caida. Fuck yeah. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Chico Che, he's a fatboy IWRG worker who wears a t-shirt and overalls and works a tribute gimmick to the famous Mexican musician Chico Che. He's fucking awesome and deserves his own spinoff show. The crowd wanted Che and he didn't disappoint. Cerebro was also great in this. His schtick with the refs was some of the best ref schtick I've seen in a while and led to a great finish. IWRG has dramatically improved the finishes this year and there's money in this feud yet. I dunno how they're going to top this with their Super Libre match, but I hope some of these folks come back to see it.

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