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April, May, June 2008




TNA Lockdown 2008


Black Machismo, Curry Man, Sonjay Dutt, Johnny Devine, Consequences Creed, Shark Boy - X Title


Pin or submission until last two with winner having to escape the cage. Dutt and Shark Boy go out early. Creed looked good before being eliminated. Devine stole Jay Briscoe's Jay Driller calling it the Devine intervention to pin Curry Man. Lethal retains with goofy finish. Nothing special


Frank Trigg gives his analysis on main event. Says Angle wins.


Queen of the Cage Match - Hemme, Salinas, Jackie, Traci, Love, Sky, Khan, Roxxi


All women brawl outside cage and first two inside go for pinfall or submission to win title of Queen of the Cage and # 1 contender. Brawling portion quick and painless as Angelina Love and Roxxi make it in the cage. The Beautiful People have been feuding with Roxxi so this was no surprise. Roxxi wins an okay match with Voodoo drop/Barbie Crusher.


Kip James - BG James


Kip hit Bullet with a crutch, turns on BG so here is the grudge match. Quick win for BG. Doesn't look like the feud is gonna be over going by the way it ended. Typical back and forth with them getting all their stuff in. Well, Kip faked reconcile and hits BG with clothesline.


Joe and Angle promos hyping the main event.


Six Team Tag Rock and Rave Infection, Kaz/Young, Rellik/Black Reign, MCMG, LAX, Petey/Scotty


So the last team not handcuffed is the winner. So we had a match with all the X guys, then all the Knockouts and here all the Tag Teams. Way to get everyone on the card. One of the dumbest match premises I've ever seen. Huge cluster fuck. Super Eric has been on two PPV's and I'm already over it. Just terrible.


Interview with Joe's dad and brothers.


Kong/Raisha saed v. ODB/Gail Kim


Best match of the card so far. Just well done and good effort by all four.


Karen Angle interview - she supports Kurt even though they separated a month ago.


Roode/Banks v. Booker T/Sharmell


Hype package airs. Another pretty short match in this feud. It was good while Booker and Roode where in which was about 95% of the match. Sharmell pins Payton Banks after she gives Roode a low blow. Too short. Roode berates Payton for the loss.


Marcus Davis interviewed talking about his training Joe.


Lethal Lockdown is next. Cage match with weapons hanging from a roof-like structure.


Team Tomko (Dudleys, Tomko, AJ Styles, Storm) v. Team Cage (Cage, Nash, Morgan, Sting, Rhyno)


Two start and a new entrant every 2 minutes after the starting five minute period. Similar to War Games. Again too many people in the ring. Big spot where AJ and Christian climb a ladder that is on top of the cage and go through a table also on top of the cage. Not sure why they had Rhyno pin Storm in the finish as they are a mid-card feud and the main event feud was involved.


Joe/Angle recap of their history together before the main event. Karen at ringside.


Joe vs. Angle - TNA World Title v. Joe's career.


Before the match, Kurt tells security to remove Karen from her ringside seat and she's pissed. As for the match, it was the best TNA match of the year so far mainly because it had a clear purpose and was built well and seemed like a huge deal. Kurt was barefoot in trunks ala UFC and the match was worked differently than their previous matches which helped since this was their fifth singles match on PPV in a year and a half. I really enjoyed this and definite re-watch.





MVP - Matt Hardy US Title


Good match. Matt wins after twist of fate. These two have been feuding for over 5 months and this didn't seem like the end.


Chavo - Kane - ECW Title


Kane one after catching his neck during a frog splash attempt followed by a chokeslam. Bam Neely is Chavo's bodyguard and they worked over Kane's knee on TV which was Chavo's focus here.


Big Show - Great Khali


Better than it had a right to be. Short and interesting.


HBK - Batista


Douche bag Dave mad cause HBK retired Ric. Jericho instigating the situation and both men attack him on separate occasions so he is the special referee. Good match with arm work from HBK and then he faked a knee injury to hit super kick on Batista for the win. Jericho called it fair.


12 Diva Tag


Beth Phoenix/Natalya/Melina/Jillian/Layla/Victoria v. Mickie James/Maria/Ashley/Michelle McCool/Cherry/Kelly Kelly


Mickie beat Phoenix for the belt after Mania and it was called an "upset."


2 minutes of action - 12 woman brawl outside - 2 minutes of action - teams trade off one-on-one moves ending with phoenix dropping Ashley for the pin.


Undertaker v. Edge - WrestleMania rematch


Since WrestleMania, Undertaker has been having brutal matches set up by Vickie while her and Edge were going to the spa and having sex. Undertaker coming in hurt after spine buster from Batista on edge of steel steps. Really good match and good companion match to the WrestleMania bout. A re-watch for sure. Edge does a stretcher job after being in Taker's hold for awhile with suspicious looking blood coming from his nose/mouth.


JBL v. Orton v. Cena v. HHH - Elimination Four Way for WWE Title


Back and forth action between all four typical of this type of match. About 10 minutes in JBL tapes to Cena's STFU and then Orton kicks Cena in the head directly after the elimination and pins him. This left HHH and Orton for the final 20 minutes. Triple H wins the belt in a match that was nothing special, but nothing wrong with it.




Hype video for Kurt Angle v. Joe v. Scott Steiner for title, then the PPV comes on and Kurt pulls out due to injuries. Steiner arrives with Petey, Rhaka and Rick Steiner + Kevin Nash. Joe arrived and was told of both developments and didn't seem happy.


Deuce's Wild Tag Tournament Quarterfinal for vacant titles: Dudleys v. Storm/Sting


So titles were stripped after Young/Kaz won them, but Styles complained it was Super Eric that got the pin and not Eric Young and Eric Young wouldn't admit he is Super Eric, they were held up. Illogical? Yes. Gimmick of tournament are established teams mixed with wild card teams "deuces wild, get it?" Anyway, here Sting wrestled the Dudley's while Storm drank beer on the apron. Finally Dudley's just walked away while Sting through Storm through a table allowing Dudley's the win.


Trigg talking about how Kurt is hurt.


2nd Quarterfinal: Robert Roode/Booker T v. Rhyno/Christian Cage


...and you thought random draws were worked. Standard, short match that Rhyno wins with the spear on Roode. Tournaments like this always run short.

Booker T turns on Rhyno/Christian after match.


Scott steiner wants Nash to help him and in return give him a title shot.


Kip James has a tiger in his intro video now. He is now a megastar.


3rd Quarterfinal: Kip James/Matt Morgan v. LAX


No Salinas = bullshit. Hector Guerrero out with LAX. Quick match with LAX going over. Kip stinks and Morgan not much better.


Angle runs out during AJ interview and yells at him asking if he is seeing Karen Angle. AJ says no and then decides not to answer after Kurt asks him again.


Final Quarterfinal: AJ Styles/Super Eric v. BG James/Awesome Kong


Played for comedy and won by Styles/Eric team after Styles blows the finish, but recovers with a small package on James after James had Kong slammed onto him.


TNA adds yet another gimmick match with the "TerrorDome" This will determine the # 1 contender for Petey Williams' X Title and involves: Chris Sabin, Consequences Creed, Curry Man, Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal, Jimmy Rave, Johnny Devine, Kaz, Alex Shelley, and Shark Boy.


Thunderdome (with guys noted above)


Cornette out before the match to say winner also takes Kurt's place in the Main Event tonight. Kaz wins it after pulling Devine off the top of the Dome onto the other eight guys. So Kaz goes from feuding with Black Reign and Rellick in the mid-card to #1 contender for the X belt and Main Eventer. As for the match, it was just a spot fest inside a cage. Cool moves though.


Semi-Final Deuce's Wild Tournament match: Dudley's v. Christian/Rhyno


While this was the best match of the tournament so far, it's not saying much. Dudley's work over the neck injuries of Rhyno/Cage after those Booker T chair shots from earlier. Finish came when Johnny Devine distracted the referee while Bubba hits Rhyno with the cane allowing D-Von get the pin.


Semi-Final Deuce's Wild Tournament match: AJ Styles/Super Eric v. LAX


Salinas out this time and I'm happy. Close to the first Styles/Super Eric match. This one had a crap finish while ref was distracted by Salinas (can't blame him) while Hector Guerrero flips the small package so Homicide is on top. Ref counts pin although AJ's shoulders weren't down. Dudley's v. LAX final.


Knockouts Makeover Match (Gail Kim, Roxxi, Christy Hemme, Salinas, ODB, Beautiful People, Traci Brooks, Rhaka Khan, Jackie)


This starts as a 10-woman battle royal with the final two then participating in a ladder match. The winner of that is the # 1 contender's to Kong's Knockout's Title. The woman who loses the ladder match portion gets their head shaved. Well, except Gail Kim who gained immunity from that so if she comes in second (she won't) whomever was the last person to be eliminated during the battle royal will get their head shaved. Salinas is the first out. Boo. This is an over-the-top battle royal, but she was eliminated after going through the ropes. Either her or TNA's fuck up or she didn't want to go over the top. This part went by quickly with one elimination after another. Rhaka Khan just kept adjusting her hot pants, but the announcers made her out as a threat who was holding her own. Ladder match portion was good as well as brutal with some pretty hard falls onto the ladder. Roxxi bleeding from the head. The ending was predictable, but well booked. Since Angelina Love was the last one eliminated from the Battle Royal and Gail Kim and Roxxi were the final two, she would get her hair shaved if Roxxi won. So with the help of Velvet Sky, both of whom have been feuding with Roxxi, she cost her the match. This kept her hair safe and caused Roxxi to get the haircut. By result, Gail Kim is the # 1 contender. After the match Gail Kim tries to get Angelina in the chair but Beautiful People fight her and Roxxi off. Crowd erupts in "Fire Russo" and "Bullshit" chants as Roxxi gets shaved bald. Skull and forehead bloody and gashed from the brutal bumps in the ladder match. All the babyface women out for support.


Joe punks "Sam Elliott" aka Kevin Nash saying he'll drop him if he shows up at ringside during the main.


Billy Corgan was shown in crowd earlier and now "Saving Abel" Nobody knows or cares.


Finals of Tag Team Tournament: LAX v. Dudley's


Looked as though Dudley's were going to win via the same method as last time, but Hector Guerrero cut off Johnny Devine and came off the top rope to the outside with a double-stomp, dropkick hybrid type move onto Devine who was on a table. Homicide pinned D-von after a border toss/frog splash combination from LAX. LAX new champs for first time in over a year.


Slammiversary is going to be in Memphis, TN. Eric Young will be looking for Elvis. Hi, Russo.


Samoa Joe v. Kaz v. Scott Steiner - TNA World Title Match


Pretty good match, but nothing I need to revisit going forward. I did like it though. Joe retains after a muscle buster on Steiner. For all the interviews and hype, neither Nash or Rick Steiner even showed up in front of the live crowd. Angle wasn't either and barely seen except opening interview where he announced he was out of the show and when he shoved AJ asking about Karen.


Judgment Day 2008


JBL v. Cena


JBL blames Cena for his last PPV loss. JBL beats down Cena pretty much the entire match working over the arm and ribs. However, he loses when Cena counters a second short-arm clothesline into the FU.


Miz/Morrison make fun of CM Punk and Kane on the Dirtsheet


Kane/CM Punk v. Miz/Morrison - WWE Tag Title Match


Okay match between the two teams that ended when Morrison pinned Punk following a spinning neck breaker.


Recap of HBK/Jericho feud. Y2J calls HBK's knee injury stunt at Backlash B.S., but Michael's insists he's hurt. After they tag against Miz/Morrison, Y2J thinks HBK is actually hurt and offers to call of their Judgment Day match. HBK out limping, but tells Jericho he isn't hurt. Jericho isn't buying it until HBK superkicks Y2J proving Jericho right all along.


HBK v. Jericho


Great Match. Definite re-watch.


Mickie James went out with Cena after Raw - JBL interrupts her interview and bullies Todd Grisham.


Mickie James v. Beth Phoenix v. Melina - Triple Threat for Women's Title


Pretty good women's match with Mickie retaining after DDT on Melina. Cool spot where Beth Phoenix has an over-the-shoulder back breaker on both women at the same time.


Batista tells HBK he's gonna hurt him at a time and place of his choosing for faking the knee injury. One of Michael's eyes was looking at the other which was looking at Batista with fear.


Undertaker v. Edge - World Title


Title is vacant because Taker was stripped by Vickie for hurting and not letting loose of Edge on his choke finisher at Backlash. She also banned the finisher going forward. On Smackdown, Vickie organizes a convoluted qualifying matches leading to a battle royal series with the winner facing Taker at Judgment Day. Batista wins, but Vickie comes out saying just at that moment Edge had been medically cleared to compete so he runs in and spears Batista off the apron for the win. Not near as good as the previous matches between the two. The ending sucked as Edge was counted out and Taker announced new champion until Vickie came out and said title can't change hands via CO even when vacant. In response, Taker tomb stoned Edge. Title still vacant.


Randy Orton Promo. MVP out saying it's B.S. that he isn't on the card. Matt Hardy out and says he already proved he can beat him, but he knows someone else that wants to prove it. This leads to:


Jeff Hardy v. MVP


Best Jeff Hardy match I've seen in a while mostly due to MVP. A re-watch.


HHH v. Randy Orton - Steel Cage for WWE Title


Average. HHH retains after chair shot and pedigree.





Umaga v. Jeff Hardy - Falls Count Anywhere


Fun opener with the brawling all over the place. Cool spot where Hardy rode down the rail of a set of stairs for a body block onto Umaga. Finish came when Umaga got kicked off a semi truck while half way up a ladder attached to the back and then Hardy doing a Swanton off the top of the truck. Cool visual helping you to think they landed on concrete, but after the pin you could see shots of the crash pad in the background.


Foley with Stretcher match 101


Big Show v. John Morrison v. Chavo Guerrero v. CM Punk v. Tommy Dreamer


This is a Singapore Cane Match with four canes, one hanging from a pole in each corner. There is also a trash can full of canes on the outside. Winner of the match gets a shot at the ECW champion at the next PPV, Night of Champions. Just a typical cane match with tons of brutal shots. Notables include Chavo hitting ringside spectator, Shaun Merriman of the Chargers with a cane after Punk moves, only for Punk to hand Merriman a cane when he recovers to hit Chavo. Punk and Merriman then embrace which is funny because they would have a little twitter war a year or so later when Merriman unsuccessfully hits on Divas and Punk calls him out for being a douche. Anyway, second was Show split open hard way on ring steps. He still wins after caning and chokeslamming Dreamer.


Promo for Vince's One Million Dollar giveaway deal during the summer.


John Cena v. JBL - First Blood Match


Bad match. So far this year these two have the same match. JBL beats Cena for the whole match and then Cena wins out of nowhere. Here, Cena was caught in the ropes ala Andre the Giant and JBL had a bullwhip. Before he could use it Cena kicked JBL, escaped from the ropes and got him in the STFU with a chain around the throat causing JBL to spit up blood and lose.


Melina v. Beth Phoenix - I Quit Match


One of the best women matches of the year and definitely best so far in WWE. Phoenix wins after Melina quits from being almost bent in two.


Cena with Mickie James talking about submitting each other. Adamle comes out of the bathroom and does lame comedy. I guess this is about the time the WWE wrote him off as a joke.


HBK v. Batista - Stretcher Match


This was okay I guess, but was disappointing. Batista had HBK beat a couple of times only for Jericho to come out and try and will HBK up and tell him he's better than this. One of these was when Michaels was near the crossing line for the stretcher. Batista responds with a spine buster on the steel steps. Before a Batista Bomb, Batista told Shawn, "I don't love you. I am not sorry." as a play on what HBK said to Flair at WrestleMania.


HHH v. Orton - Last Man Standing for WWE Title


Recap video of the feud.


One of the worst Last Man Standing matches I've ever seen. No heat, No hatred, just very weak all around. Orton did suffer a legit broken collarbone so that may be the reason.


Recap of Edge v. Undertaker seven month feud.


Edge v. Undertaker - TLC Match - Vacant World Title/Taker's career.


What you would expect from a TLC match. This also had tons of interference from Ryder, Hawkins, Bam Neely, and Chavo Guerrero. Finish came when Edge pushed Taker off the ladder and he fell outside the ring onto four tables. Predictable finish. Edge wins vacant title and Taker is gone from WWE "for life" Of course he is.




Petey Williams v. Kaz - X Title


Really good match with some innovative stuff I've never seen. Petey retains with the Canadian Destroyer.


Steiner beats down Kaz after the match mad because Kaz gets a World Title shot Thursday on Impact and because he is not on the card tonight. Abyss makes his return and lays out him, Petey and Rhaka Khan.


Eric Young says he found Elvis and he reserved a seat for him in the front row.


ODB/Roxxi/Gail Kim v. Beautiful People/Moose


Second good match in a row. The majority of good TNA matches this year have been from the Knockouts. ODB pins Moose after a running power slam.


Rhyno Interview. Dudleys v. LAX hype video


Dudleys v. LAX - Tag Titles


Well, with the Dudleys involved it looks like the good match streak of this PPV is about to come to an end. I was right. Typical match with LAX retaining after Homicide schoolboys Bubba.


Bobby Roode Interview


Awesome Kong v. ? - Knockouts Title, $25,000 challenge continues.


Serena Deeb and Josie/Sojourner Bolt were the two plants chosen and both got squashed quickly even though Josie got a little bit of offense in. Eric Young out to introduce "Elvis" who I'm sure was a local Indy guy. Anyway, you guessed it, Kong Awesome bombs him and so ends the bad comedy.


Christian Interview


So Cal Val / Jay Lethal wedding


Groomsmen include Jake Roberts, George Steele, Koko Ware, and Kamala. This goes like every other wrestling wedding as best man Sonjay Dutt interrupts and declares his love for Val. He and Jay get into it until Koko and Kamala take out Dutt. Jake throws in the snake and Kamala bails.


Booker T Interview talks about signing with TNA and having a locker room smelling like elephant urine and changing the "equilibrium" of TNA. Way to build the main event, Booker.


AJ Styles v. Kurt Angle - Grudge Match over Karen Angle


Great match with AJ winning after a Styles Clash when Karen distracts Kurt.


Samoa Joe Interview and King of the Mountain Hype Package


Samoa Joe v. Christian v. Rhyno v. Roode v. Booker T - King of the Mountain Match/World Title


Kevin Nash is "Special Enforcer." Good match and one of the better KOTM matches. Joe retains which marks the first time the champion retains in this type of match.



Night of Champions 2008



Miz/Morrison v. Finlay/Hornswaggle - WWE Tag Titles


Okay, so this isn't going to win any awards, but it was entertaining. Miz/Morrison were the perfect opponents for a match like this as they were great foils for Hornswaggles offense. I enjoyed it. Morrison pins Hornswaggle after pulling him off the top rope during his tadpole splash attempt.


Matt Hardy v. Chavo Guerrero - US Title


What's with these matches where the heel dominates and the face hits his finisher and wins? That is what happened here in a nothing match with Hardy retaining with the twist of fate.


Recap of Vince having the Raw set fall on top of him during the million dollar giveaway


Mark Henry v. Kane v. Big Show - Triple Threat for ECW World Title

Okay match with the big guys working hard. Henry wins with a splash on Kane after Kane had given show a suplex for the first title change of the night.


Cody Rhodes/Hardcore Holly v. Ted DiBiase/Mystery Partner - World Tag Titles


DiBiase comes to the ring by himself saying his partner is late. Rhodes goes to start the match, but DiBiase wants Holly. Holly is tagged in and Rhodes gives him a DDT and is announced as DiBiase's partner. A Million Dollar Dream and Russian leg Sweep later and Rhodes/DiBiase are the new champs.


JBL Interview


Chris Jericho v. Mystery Opponent - WWE Intercontinental Title


Kofi Kingston is the opponent making his PPV debut. Decent match with Jericho about to retain with the Walls until he was distracted by HBK and Kofi hits trouble in paradise to win title. HBK overacts with his "eye injury" and Jericho punches him in the face after the match.


Edge/Vickie/Alicia Fox wedding planning and Main Event talk


Preview of Vince/Cena Gillette commercial


Mickie James v. Katie Lea Burchill - Women's Title


Good women's match with Mickie retaining with a DDT.


Edge v. Batista - World Title


Bland match capped off by a finish of ref punching, interference, crooked referee, belt shot madness. Edge retains after that belt shot.


John Cena v. HHH - WWE Title


Best of the show. Re-watch.



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