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  1. TravJ1979

    The Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    Probably a good thing Boesch wasn't Gino's biological father. If she was 16 when she had Gino, that means Boesch would have been around 45 y/o at the time. I don't know how old Charles Wolfe, Sr. was, but Gino's step-dad was about the same age as Gino's mom.
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  4. Going through this set again after following the GME poll. I have no idea who the guy making this comment four years ago was, but this was a great brawl as everyone else has stated. Almost makes me rethink all of my old takes since I was so off the mark.
  5. TravJ1979

    [2019-04-27-NWA/ROH-Crockett Cup] Nick Aldis vs Marty Scurll

    Everyone says Cornette is out of touch and that things done in the 70's/80's won't work today, but everyone is wrong. The story told throughout the show recapping the 10 pounds of gold series added drama to the match which made it better. The blood, and them allowing blood to be shown freely added to the match. The smaller venue and good, but not insanely polished production values added to the match. Letting wrestling be wrestling allows for great matches like this.
  6. TravJ1979

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    I would have liked to have seen this, but $40 via FITE was not happening. Available cheaper somewhere else?
  7. TravJ1979

    Greatest Match Ever Project

    Top 100 Stats # by Promotion # by Wrestler
  8. TravJ1979

    Greatest Match Ever Project

    Stats for matches not making the Top 100 (101 - 491) 1930s - 1 1950s - 3 1960s - 8 1970s - 28 1980s - 90 [80-84 = 32 and 85-89 = 58] 1990s - 137 [90-94 = 75 and 95-99 = 62] 2000s - 72 [2000-2004 = 45 and 2005-2009 = 27] 2010s - 52 [2010-2014 = 28 and 2015-8/12/2018 = 24]
  9. TravJ1979

    Greatest Match Ever Project

    Stats for matches not making the Top 100 (101 - 491) Promotions having 5+ matches: NJPW - 60 WWE - 50 AJPW - 49 EMLL - 19 AJW - 18 WCW - 14 NOAH - 13 ROH - 11 Joint Promotions, Jim Crockett Promotions (JCP) - 9 RINGS, NXT, MEMPHIS - 8 WWC, UWF (Japan), BattlARTS - 7 Mid South - 6 WAR, AWA, Golden Age (50s) - 5
  10. She's the new Jacqueline.
  11. So Lynch, Flair, and Rousey are each facing a member of the Riott Squad and whoever wins their match the fastest is the winner. The perfect way to bury a whole faction. Not that I give a shit about anyone other than Ruby, but this is stupid on every level.
  12. Ronda is just a weak minded individual. Gets finished by Holly and Amanda and wants to commit suicide. She ducks Cyborg with excuse after excuse only for Nunes to not only fight Cyborg but dismantle her. She can't handle getting booed in LA? She can't handle getting owned on Twitter? Give me a break. Her believability is totally gone. Dan Severn is 64 and is still as intimidating as hell. Ronda's not that much more intimidating than Nia Jax which says a lot. This program is essentially Daniel Bryan and WM 30 and if Becky doesn't win, they've completely lost their minds as that worked perfectly and any finish aside from Becky pinning (or tapping, which is unlikely because Ronda might want to kill herself again even though it was planned outcome.) is completely insane. Let Becky tap her out and Ronda can go start her family with her dick of a husband. Maybe she can come back at next year's Mania and they can drain her for any appeal she has left. Bell to bell Ronda is more often than not fantastic. Outside of that, she's unbearable.
  13. TravJ1979

    [1932-06-09-Long Island, NY] Dick Shikat vs Strangler Lewis

    This was not for the New York State Athletic Commission World Title because Jim Londos was the champion on 6/9/32. However, Londos was stripped of the title In September after he refused to defend it against the winner of this match between Lewis and Shikat.