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October, November, and December 2008




So I finished the year of PPV's/big shows (with the exception of ROH as I am completely burned out with that promotion) and about about 60% through TV which I'll be finishing up this month. The plan from here is going to be:


Get a Top 10 for both WWE and TNA from the re-watch pile for 2008.

TV and PPV for TNA/WWE 2009

ROH 2008

ROH 2009

Top 10's/year for WCW, ECW (00-01), WWE, TNA, and ROH

Try and hammer out a Top 20 for Other US


Who knows after that. I'm going to eventually get a Top 25/decade for each company and maybe a Top 100 for the decade encompassing all US. At this point, with the footage being hard for me to come by, I'll just be working on Lucha/Europe/Japan as I can or as it comes to me.




Mark Henry v. Matt Hardy - ECW Title


Pretty good match. Matt works on the left knee during the match which played into the end when Mark went for World Strongest Slam and Hardy punches the knee and hits the twist of fate for the pin.


HHH doing his too cool for school act with Jeff Hardy during an interview


Beth Phoenix v. Candice Michelle - Women's Title


Beth retains in an okay women's match.


Kane promo.


Kane v. Rey Mysterio - If Rey loses, he has to unmask.


A little too long for my tastes, but nothing really wrong with it. Kane gets DQ'ed for using a chair as Mysterio came off the top rope to the outside with a dive.


Wow. A really long segment that really didn't end with any substance. MVP wants to see Vickie, but Show says no. So he goes to the ring saying how great he is and mad because he doesn't get enough PPV time. This brings out Randy Orton saying he's better. This brings out Legacy who punks Orton who leaves. Then they punk MVP and he goes to leave but CM Punk and Kofi come out and say lets go three on three. They run down and pause allowing MVP to get beat down for a few seconds before they go in and clean house. This is where the segment ends. Pretty much a waste of time.



Batista v. JBL - # 1 Contender for World Title


Batista pretty much dominates a short match. JBL gets on the mic after the match and thanks congress and the fans for the bailout and allowing him to keep his money. Cryme Tyme on the TitanTron, takes JBl's limo and all the Divas, plus Sgt. Slaughter out on the town.


Undertaker/Big Show/Vickie Guerrero recap package


Big Show v. Undertaker



Back and forth power moves until Show wins via KO after an exposed turnbuckle shot along with three knockout right hands. Taker sells it all the way to the back.


Hardy/HHH video package


Jeff Hardy v. HHH - WWE Title


Really good match. A re-watch


Arn kisses HHH's ass, Vladimir Koslov gets in HHH's face. Jericho/HBK feud recap video package.


Chris Jericho v. Shawn Michaels - Ladder Match, World Title


Very good match.




Sonjay Dutt, Curry Man, Jay Lethal, Jimmy Rave, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Johnny Devine, Petey Williams, Shark Boy, Super Eric - Steel Asylum match for # 1 contender to X Title


Another cluster fuck just like the last match of this type. However, I'd say this one was a little better because of a spot where Shelley tries for a sliced bread # 2 that gets countered into a running Canadian destroyer and the finish with Jay Lethal beating on Dutt with punches as Dutt hangs upside down from the cage top. Also, Johnny Devine nearly kills Jimmy Rave with a botched Jay Driller ("Devine Intervention")


Cornette/Foley love fest, Beautiful People want blue M&M's and hate Foley's wardrobe. Traci Brooks is the special referee for the next match as Cornette made her "Knockout Law" a few weeks ago.


Beautiful People/Cute Kip v. ODB/Rhaka Khan/Rhyno - Knockout Bimbo Brawl


Goofy match, but it was kept short. Khan looked bad.


So there's been two matches so far and 16 wrestlers have been used along with a special referee. Consequences Creed interview


Consequences Creed v. Sheik Abdul Bashir - X Title Match


Bashir wins after holding the ropes after a roll up. Okay match.


Foley telling JB about his HITC match, Kong and Saed come in and say Kong isn't in a good mood. Mick name drops JR, The Rock and Yurple the Clown during this short segment.


Sit down interview with Taylor Wilde, Roxxi about the match coming up next between them and Kong.


Taylor Wilde v. Awesome Kong v. Roxxi - Knockout's Title Match


Taylor retains by pinning Roxxi with a German suplex with a bridge. Decent match.


Another Foley segment with AJ, then Team 3-D. I'm tired of Foley already here in TNA. Cornette comes back allowing Foley to get ready to be the enforcer in the Jarrett/Angle match.


Matt Morgan/Abyss v. LAX v. Team 3-D v. Beer Money - Monster's Ball Match w/ Mongo McMichael as special referee - TNA Tag Titles


Holy shit. I didn't think it was possible for Mongo to be a worse referee than he was a wrestler. Just awful. He took a lot away from the match. Terrible to start, but picked up a bit at the end, however not enough to save it. Enjoyable at times, but Mongo killed it for me. Also, Morgan almost killed Homicide with some sort of botched head scissors into a gonzo bomb. Beer Money retain after pinning Hernandez who was just 3-D'd through a table tacks.


Booker T v. AJ Styles v. Christian Cage


One of the better triple threat matches I've seen in a while. A re-watch. Booker wins after an axe kick on Christian.


Angle/Jarrett feud recap. Angle says for Jarrett to tell his girls daddy isn't coming home after the PPV. Yeah, good thing to say when the girls mom died. Angle, Jarrett interviews.


Kurt Angle v. Jeff Jarrett - Grudge Match, Mick Foley special enforcer


Both guys worked hard enough for me to give it a re-watch, but what a shitty finish. Jarrett wins after a guitar shot that was preceded be a bunch of bullshit.


Sting/Samoa Joe video package


Samoa Joe v. Sting - TNA World Title Match


Who would have thought Kevin Nash could ruin a match? Everyone? You'd be right. God dammit. Sting wins after Nash hits Joe with the bat and a Scorpion Death Drop. Terrible finish which is par for the course with this company. The match itself was very good. I usually don't like brawling in the crowd, which this match did almost 50% of the match, but it worked here. Joe took an insane bump on the concrete stairs and dominated most of the match until the aforementioned shit finish. A re-watch.



WWE Cyber Sunday 2008


Rey Mysterio v. Kane - No Holds Barred (voted over Falls Count Anywhere and 2/3 Falls)


Drawn out match but I liked the finishing sequence Rey wins with 619 and splash.


First four Divas show off their costumes and ask for a vote. Jericho asks Legacy to take out Batista, they say no. Teddy Long and assistant Tiffany out to announce winner of ECW title shot against Matt Hardy.


Matt Hardy v. Evan Bourne (wins over Mark Henry and Finlay by a large margin) - ECW Title


Bourne runs through his entire offense and Hardy eats it most of the match. Hardy wins after the Twist of Fate. Okay sprint.


Four more Divas show off their costumes.


Cryme Tyme v. Miz/Morrison (voted over Mickie/Noble v. Regal/Layla and Punk/Kingston v. Rhodes/DiBiase)


Average PPV tag match. Miz/Morrison win after Morrison hits the Midnight Ride on Shad.


Four more Divas show off their costumes. Khali turns down Jericho when he asks for help with Batista.


Santino v. Honky Tonk Man (voted over Roddy Piper and Goldust)


Santino's pre-match promo was better than anything after it. Match was 100% (bad) comedy and kind of depressing.


Last four Divas show off their costumes. Show/Taker video package.


Big Show v. Undertaker - Last Man Standing Match (voted over Knockout and I Quit matches)


Vickie out and botched the result saying I Quit. Wonder if they meant to work the results, but they were the ones that messed up. Counterpoint to No Mercy match as it was nearly the exact same except Taker wins with the Hell's Gate Submission.


Jericho tries to change Adamle's mind, but walks away when he gets a text. Mickie James (as Lara Croft) won the Diva's costume contest.


Video package of HHH/Jeff Hardy/Vladimir Kozlov regarding next match.


HHH v. Jeff Hardy (voted over Vladimir Kozlov and a Triple Threat Match with both) - WWE Title


Not as good as their No Mercy match. Ending was abrupt. Finish was a pedigree in the middle. Commentary say it was off the top rope, but he just pulled him down from the top.


Jericho/Batista video package


Chris Jericho v. Batista - World Title (Steve Austin special referee - voted over Randy Orton and HBK)


Very good match with a shit overbooked finish. A re-watch.




Theme for tonight is Millionaire's Club v. New Blo... err, Main Event Mafia v. TNA Originals.


X Division Elimination Match (Order of Elimination determines Top 10 rankings in the Division)

Participants: Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, Volador Jr., Jimmy Rave, Petey Williams, Doug Williams, Homicide, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Eric Young, and Consequences Creed.


Typical X sprints. Eric Young and Lethal are the last two with Young winning. Young cuts a promo about how they are young and like being wrestlers


Some skit with Jarrett and Foley with sleeping kids in the background.


Awesome Kong/Raisha Saed v. Taylor Wilde/Roxxi


Good women's tag match.


Jarrett talks to Main Event Mafia. Angle calls him a pussy and tells him to grow so "bawls!" and leaves. I'm sensing a show with a series of these all night.


Sheik Abdul Bashir v. Rhyno - Grudge Match


Nobody cared or paid attention to the match because ICP, Scott Hall, Corporal Robinson, etc. showed up at ringside. They weren't acknowledged even when Bashir pushed Corp and spit on them. Rhyno wins with the gore, but looked pissed walking to the back.


MCMG's make fun of Mick Foley during his "pep talk."


Motor City Machine Guns v. Beery Money, Inc. - TNA Tag Titles


Good, entertaining match. A re-watch


Booker T interview. Booker has regressed into some weird hood aristocrat hybrid speech. Kind of Harlem Heat Booker T meets King Booker. Weird.


Booker T v. Christian Cage - Legends Title, If Christian Cage loses, he must join the Main Event Mafia


Legends Title was introduced by Booker T and proclaimed himself first champion. Okay match, but well below last months Triple Threat. Booker wins after reversing a roll up and holding the tights. Stipulation says Cage has to join Main Event Mafia, but we'll see.


Abyss interview and recap of Kurt/Abyss/Jarrett situation


Abyss v. Kurt Angle - Falls Count Anywhere Match


Okay match with Angle winning after knocking Abyss off scaffolding onto Spanish announce table. The ending was a bit too contrived even for pro wrestling.


Samoa Joe interview/Joe v. Nash feud recap


Samoa Joe v. Kevin Nash - Grudge Match


Terrible match. Joe doesn't get pinned after two jack knife power bomb's and multiple shots to an exposed turnbuckle, but he gets pinned a minute after being hit with a low blow. I have a feeling MEM is going 4 and 0.


Sting Interview. Sting/AJ feud recap


Sting v. AJ Styles - TNA World Title


Battle of the Bible Bangers was an okay match with a flat finish. Styles was on top of the match, but he had to hold off Angle and Booker T so Sting dodges the Pele kick and gets rolled up. MEM wins all of their matches and every one of them to come out and celebrate. Lame.




Jeff Hardy found unconscious at his hotel and may not show up.


HBK/Great Khali/Cryme Tyme/Rey Mysterio v. JBL/Kane/Miz/MVP/Morrison - Traditional Survivor Series Match


First five eliminations went pretty quick. Second five was slower paced and the match was okay, but nothing great. HBK, Rey, and Khali are the three survivors after HBK last eliminates Morrison with a super kick.


HHH says he'll face Vladimir Koslov to a round of boos.


Michelle McCool/Maryse/Victoria/Natalya/Maria v. Beth Phoenix/Mickie James/Jillian/Candice Michelle/Kelly Kelly - Traditional Survivor Series Match Raw v. Smackdown Divas


Good Diva's Match. Guys were having a ton of fun on commentary.


Matt Hardy talking about Jeff. Big Show/Undertaker video recap.


Undertaker v. Big Show - Casket Match


Taker wins a boring casket match. Hopefully, this is the end of the feud as these matches aren't fun to watch.


Comedy with Bellas, Colon's, Charlie Haas, and Boogeyman dressed as Gobbledy Gooker. Orton says he didn't want to be on his Survivor Series Team, he and Cody get into it.


Randy Orton/Cody Rhodes/Mark Henry/Steve Regal/Shelton Benjamin v. Batista/R-Truth/CM Punk/Kofi Kingston/Matt Hardy - Traditional Survivor Series Match


Goes down to 4-on-1 with Batista all alone. Batista kills Shelton and Henry and almost Rhodes but Orton makes a blind tag and hits the RKO for the win. Decent match.


Vladimir Koslov interview. JR says Jeff will not be competing before showing the Jeff/HHH video package.


HHH v. Vladimir Koslov - WWE Title


Okay, let me see if I can recap this so one can follow. First, The match sucked and the crowd was telling them so. Vickie Guerrero comes out after a pedigree and excitedly says "He's here!" Out comes Edge joining the match well, just because. Then out runs Jeff Hardy with a bandage on the back of his neck and attacks edge them smashes everyone with a chair, except Edge who spears him and then pins HHH. So Edge is champion still married to Vickie and happy with each other even after the years events and it seems as if he was the one who attacked Edge. First Class Shit.


Jericho/Cena video recap


Chris Jericho v. John Cena - World Title Match


Good match. Cena regains the belt after an Attitude Adjustment. A re-watch.




Cute Kip, Sonjay Dutt, Jimmy Rave, Lance Hoyt, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Homicide, Hernandez, BG James, Jay Lethal, Consequences Creed, Curry Man, and Shark Boy - Feast or Fired - 3 title shots, 1 pink slip


Jay Lethal, Curry Man, Homicide, and Hernandez all get cases. Couple of cool spots, overall it was just okay. After a long, drawn out process Jay Lethal opens his case to reveal he gets a Tag Title shot. MCMG's pissed because Lethal grabbed the case from them at the last minute. Borash punks Shelley calling him an ass.


Sharmell is pushed into the Beautiful People act for tonight and they give an incredibly long interview to talk about it. If they win, they get Booker T's locker room.


Sharmell/Beautiful People v. ODB/Roxxi/Taylor Wilde


Taylor reverses a cross body block by Angelina Love for the win. Okay match.


Eric Young interview about X Title shot. MCMG's come in and get back at Borash. He tells them where Foley is.


Eric Young v. Sheik Abdul Bashir - X Title Match


Best thing on the show so far, but it was just okay. Young wins the belt and a ridiculous angle continues afterwards where the referee hulks up and attacks Bashir until Bashir bloodies him and leaves him laying. He tries to steal the belt, but Cornette and security get it back.


Kong/Hemme video. Hemme gets trained by AJ Styles for the match.


Awesome Kong v. Christy Hemme - Knockouts Title Match


This match + segment was best thing on the show so far. I can't believe I'm saying this. Match was short and a DQ due to Kongtourage interference, but Hemme did a great job and the post fight was entertaining.


Angle interview. Beer Money/Abyss and Morgan video


Beer Money v. Abyss/Morgan - TNA Tag Title Match


Your average tag match with Beer Money retaining after a brass knuckle shot on Abyss.


Pretty funny exchange between Mick Foley and the MCMG's. Segment continues in the ring again with good stuff from the guns, this time directed towards Cornette. Suicide debuts and clears the guns from the ring. The a Rhyno interview. Then a Rhyno/Kurt video package.


Kurt Angle v. Rhyno - Special Enforcer, Mick Foley. If Kurt wins he gets Jarrett at Genesis in January. If Rhyno wins, Kurt leaves TNA.


Bland match. Al Snow of all people is brought in by Kurt to distract Mick Foley allowing Kurt to hit Rhyno with a chair/Angle slam for the win.


Lauren backstage with a MEM interview. MEM/Frontline video recap.


Sting/Booker T/Scott Steiner/Kevin Nash v. AJ Styles/Samoa Joe/Team 3-D - If TNA Frontline wins, AJ is World Champion. If MEM wins, Sting retains his World Title. - TNA World Title.


I enjoyed when Sting/AJ and Joe/AJ were in, but Team 3-D provide zero entertainment value, Nash is old and brittle, Steiner provides unintentional comedy outside the ring and really nothing more and Booker T has phoned in 95% of his year in TNA thus far. Bad finish to an underwhelming match with a Nash low blow to Samoa Joe and Scorpion Death Drop from Sting for the pin.




Matt Hardy v. Vladimir Koslov - Non-Title Match (ECW)


For Koslov being involved, this was okay. He wins with a choke slam/spine buster combination. He's still being billed as undefeated.


Edge/Vickie/Chavo backstage. Vickie makes Chavo go get coffee and denies attacking Jeff Hardy last month. Hornswoggle is backstage hammering Eve (inflatable hammer) and Finlay tells him to stay backstage during his match as he wants him to be safe. IC champion Regal and Layla at ringside for next match.


Rey Mysterio v. CM Punk - Final Match of Intercontinental Title # 1 Contender Tournament.


Real fun match. A re-watch. Punk wins with brutal GTS.


Emo Jeff Hardy promo. 20 minutes of JBL/HBK angle where HBK is broke and JBL hires him as an employee. Why this was on PPV and not Raw beats me. Orton/Manu/Rhodes interview regarding Orton v. Batista.


Finlay v. Mark Henry - Belfast Brawl


Really fun match with Henry doing strong man stuff. I enjoyed it. Finlay wins with shillelagh shot A re-watch.


Divas X-mas party with BoogeyMan, Goldust, Santino, IRS, Jesse, Festus and assorted silliness. Kennedy says drink responsibly and to buy his DVD Behind Enemy Lines.


Orton/Batista history video package.


Randy Orton v. Batista


Decent match, but it didn't quite get me to the point where I think it deserves a re-watch. Batista wins with the Batista bomb.


Cena/Jericho feud recap.


Mickie James/Kelly Kelly/Maria/Michelle McCool v. Maryse/Jillian/Victoria/Natalya - Santa's Little Helpers 8 Diva Tag Match


Eye candy match. McCool blind tags in and hits the Styles clash for the win. Khali out wanting to kiss Divas (Kiss Cam), but nobody wants to. Out comes Mae Young and they make out.


Another Cena/Jericho recap video.


Chris Jericho v. John Cena - World Title Match


Really good match. A re-watch. Cena retains with STFU.


Triple Threat video recap.


HHH v. Jeff Hardy v. Edge - WWE Title


Cool that Hardy won the title, good match but not one that would hold up in a re-watch.



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