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July, August, September 2008






MCMG/Curry Man v. Ultimo Guerrero/Rey Bucanero/Averno v. Doug Williams/Alex Koslov/Tyson Dux v. Yossino/Puma/Milano Collection AT - 3rd Round of World X Cup.


Great, fun match. Constant action and executed just like TNA wanted I'm sure. I definitely was entertained. If this was 12 TNA guys, it probably would have stunk, but having some vets in there from all over just made it awesome. Standings before was Mexico and TNA tied for 3. Team International and Team Japan both with 2. Standings going into final Ultimate X match is Team TNA 6, Japan 4, and Team Mexico and Team International tied with 3.


Goofy "Cribs" segment with Booker T (since they are in Houston)


Gail Kim v. Angelina Love - Grudge Match


Love cost Kim a title match against Kong so here this match is. Pretty good women's match. Gail Kim wins with cross arm neck breaker. After the match the Beautiful People attack Kim, but she bails.


Sonjay Dutt v. Black Machismo - Grudge Match


Feud over So Cal Val. Match was a backdrop for story as So Cal Val was main part of the segment with Dutt getting the win with feet on the ropes after a roll up.


Beer Money interview talking about "the marks" with belts at ringside and doing typical heel schtick. Jackie says she isn't going out because the fans have belts.


Beer Money v. LAX - Fan's revenge lumberjack strap match for tag titles


Beer Money strapped LAX on impact! so this is why the stipulation. Fans won some sort of contest to be lumberjacks. They all are wearing LAX shirts. LAX retain in a simple match. Nothing special and the impact match between the two that started the feud was better.


Booker T at his gym video.


Awesome Kong v. Taylor Wilde - Knockout's Title


Last week on impact, Taylor upset Kong for the belt after trying the 25K challenge for a few weeks. This is the rematch. Another good women's bout with Taylor retaining after a roll up after countering a series of Kong's moves. After the match, Saed attacks Taylor and throws her back to Kong. Abyss makes the save continuing his gimmick since returning of saving people in trouble. Saed tells Kong to leave, but the she gets a choke slam from Abyss.


Another goofy Booker T video at his restaurant, Sharmell's.


Naruki Doi v. Kaz v. Daivari v. Volador Jr. - Ultimate X, World X Cup Finals


Everyone still in contention so winning team gets four points and World X Cup. Volador Jr. wins it for Team Mexico. Kaz did a crazy spot jumping off the top of the truss that holds the X ropes with a leg drop onto Daivari who was on the ropes near the center. Still, the opening match was better.


Final goofy Booker video with him on the golf course.


AJ Styles/Rhyno/Christian Cage v. Kurt Angle/Team 3-D - Fan's pick the stipulation


Full Metal Mayhem was chosen. Basically a Street Fight. AJ and Kurt feuding over Karen Angle is the main angle going into this match. Typical brawl. Ends when Frank Trigg gets up from announce table and hits AJ with kendo stick. Then Angle grabs AJ and does Angle Slam off ladder onto table for the pin.


Samoa Joe v. Booker T - TNA World Title


Started slow, but picked up with both bleeding and Joe just destroying everything including Booker T. Nobody could stop him so Sting comes out, Joe says fuck off, Sting hits him with a bat. Sharmell counts three and her and Booker leave with the belt. I'll give it a re-watch.




Hawkins/Ryder v. Miz/Morrison v. Festus/Jesse v. Finlay/Hornswoggle - WWE Tag Titles


Yes, this is your Smackdown/ECW tag division. It wasn't bad and okay for an opener. Ryder and Hawkins win the belts after pulling Jesse off the top rope and Hawkins pinning him.


Matt Hardy v. Shelton Benjamin - US Title


Good match with Shelton especially looking good even after having not been featured on PPV for months. Shelton wins the title with a power drive type DDT.


CM Punk Interview/Recap of Edge/Vickie Wedding and Edge making out with Alicia Fox.


Mark Henry v. Tommy Dreamer - ECW Title


Henry retains after Delaney turns on Dreamer. Dreamer sucks so this match had no chance.


Recap of Jericho/Michaels feud


Chris Jericho v. Shawn Michaels - Grudge Match


Ref stoppage. Jericho beats Michaels bloody. I'll give it a re-watch.


Michelle McCool v. Natalya - To crown first Diva's Champion


McCool wins with a heel hook in a fun Divas match.


Recap of Batista/CM Punk feud


CM Punk v. Batista - World Title


Great match until fucking Kane had to run in for the DQ. Why couldn't this happen after the match. Ugh.


JBL v. John Cena - NYC Parking Lot Brawl


Recap of JBL attempting murder via vehicular homicide was shown. It's okay though. No arrests because dammit we have to have this match. Corny match that included setting a car on fire, jumper cables to the balls connected to a car battery and mean face forklift driving. JBL wins after pushing Cena off stage

through car windshield.


Yet another replay of HHH showing Edge with Alicia Fox.


HHH v. Edge - WWE Title


Lame match with lame ending. Vickie and Alicia get involved with Edge spearing Vickie and turns around into a pedigree.


WWE SNME #36 7/28/08 - Aired 8/2


Cena/Batista/Cryme Tyme v. Kane/Ted Dibiase/Cody Rhodes/JBL


Typical TV match that the crowd got kind of hot for near the end. JBL pins JTG after lariat.


Great Khali v. Jimmy Wang Yang




Edge v. Jeff Hardy


Surprisingly good match. I'll give it a re-watch.


TNA Hard Justice 2008


Rap performance by Filthee, Grandmaster Kaz and Melly Mel


Consequences Creed v. Petey Williams - X Title


Scott Steiner out with torn ACL so he's not a ringside. Went from fun opener, to great opener and other than the chair shot interference by Daivari it was very good. Definite re-watch.


Beautiful People/Amazing Kong v. Gail Kim/ODB/Taylor Wilde - Traci Brooks special referee


Good six woman tag. Taylor pins Angelina with a roll up


Bad comedy with Team 3-D.


LAX v. Beer Money - Tag Titles


Timing was a bit off, but I'll give it a re-watch because it was a pretty good match. Beer Money wins the belts after Roode hits Homicide with a beer bottle during a Gringo Killer attempt.


Jay Lethal v. Sonjay Dutt - Black Tie and Brawl match


Basically they are chained together and winner is first to strip tuxedo off opponent or pin opponent. Show Jay's family in the crowd since they are in Jersey and next to his mom was none other than AJ Lee who I believe was his girlfriend at the time. Have to believe Cornette had a hand in this as Jay ties his chain to the ropes as Dutt gets connected by the referee. That was shades of Lawler/Idol. I enjoyed this as it was a tuxedo match done right (if there is such a thing). "Fire Russo" chants break out towards the end as it did probably go on a little too long. Nothing wrong with it IMO.


Funny and weird Booker T promo. Calls Joe a "backyard, trailer park, wanna-be independent worker." He has the belt he stole from Joe at the last PPV and says he's the champion. Then makes weird faces after taking a drink of wine.


Team 3-D v. Rhyno/Christian Cage - Jersey Street Fight


I should mention they are putting video game scenes in everyone's entrance video as I guess this was around the time TNA's video game came out. Even with gimmicks and Christian and a good brawler like Rhyno, a good match alludes Team 3-D. Johnny Devine comes out and a beat down in the winners begins, but Abyss comes in to save the day as has been his gimmick for a couple of months.


Recap of Angle/Styles feud


Kurt Angle v. AJ Styles - Last Man Standing


Great match and really good LMS style match. Kurt sold the finish really well. Styles wins with DDT off top rope.Styles attacks Kurt again as he was being put in the stretcher. As AJ is leaving, lights go out and Sting appears and death drops AJ on ramp. Nash asking what's up?


Samoa Joe v. Booker T - Six Sides of Steel w/weapons, World Title


Okay match. After Booker hits axe kick the lights go out. They come back on and Joe has a guitar which he smashes on Booker and gets the pin fall. I guess Jarrett is coming back soon. With all that shit about Sting he didn't have anything do to with the Main Event.




Jeff Hardy v. MVP


MVP wins a good match after a kick to the head. A re-watch.


Funny Santino Interview. Talking about Inter-gender tag match where both IC and Women's title on the line.


Mickie James/Kofi Kingston v. Santino/Beth Phoenix - Inter-gender, Women's and IC Title Match


Played mostly for comedy, but wasn't bad. Beth pinned Mickie with her finisher and now she is Women's champion and Santino is the IC Title holder.


Incredible segment with HBK retirement announcement interrupted by Jericho. Jericho hits HBK's wife after HBK ducks.


Mark Henry v. Matt Hardy - ECW Title


20 second match as Atlas pulls Hardy out of ring during pin attempt for DQ after Hardy hits Twist of Fate on Henry. Jeff out to help his brother fight off Atlas/Henry.


Punk/JBL feud recap


CM Punk v. JBL - World Title


Good match with Punk retaining after GTS.


Khali/HHH package showing Khali getting # 1 contendership after winning battle royal and then clips of squeezing HHH's head.


HHH v. Great Khali - WWE Title


I think HHH did a good job here with Khali. Decent little match.


Cena/Batista package


John Cena v. Batista - First Time Ever


Surprisingly good. I'll re-watch


Undertaker/Edge recap for thousandth time.


Undertaker v. Edge - Hell in a Cell


Really good with a good finish. A re-watch




Matt Hardy v. Miz v. Mark Henry v. Chavo Guerrero v. Finlay - ECW Title Championship Scramble


Hardy wins after being the last man to pin someone within the 20 alloted minutes. Decent.


Ted DiBiase/Cody Rhodes v. Cryme Tyme - World Tag Titles


Okay match. Nothing special. Rhodes/DiBiase retain after reversing a roll up. Manu debut during post match beat down of Cryme Tyme.


Jericho/HBK feud recap


Chris Jericho v. Shawn Michaels - Unsanctioned Match


Not as good as the Bash match, but probably will re-watch to fairly determine best of the feud


Randy Orton disses "Legacy"


Jeff Hardy v. HHH v. Shelton Benjamin v. The Brian Kendrick v. MVP - WWE Title Championship Scramble


A little better than the ECW scramble mostly due to the story of Hardy and HHH trading falls (mostly on Kendrick) to try and be the champion at the end. Pretty well executed. HHH retains with 1 second left.


HBK interview playing non-believable tough guy. Also Orton punts CM Punk taking him out of the Scramble


Maryse v. Michelle McCool - Divas Title


Short, but impressive. Really Good. McCool retains after a Falcon Arrow type move.


Long, drawn out segment with Vickie Guerrero berating Show until Taker comes out to put her in a coffin only to have Show beat down the Undertaker in a swerve and side with Vickie.


Batista v. JBL v. Kane v. Rey Mysterio v. Chris Jericho - World Title Scramble Match


Jericho was a replacement for CM Punk due to the punt kick Punk took from Orton earlier. He wins with a sneak pin on Kane after Batista had given him a spine buster and pinned him. Jericho laid on the ground for about 98% of the five minutes he was out there. This was like the others. Nothing special. I am

definitely not a fan of this match type.




Stizzing in the Hizzouse. Mentions respect, Bret Hart and says he needs to teach respect to the young boys. Way too long. Mike Tenay announcers Booker T isn't at the PPV due to the hurricane in the Texas area.


Rock and Rave Infection/Christy Hemme v. Super Eric/Curry Man/Shark Boy


Perfectly fine comedy match opener. Curry Man pins Hemme while laying on her to check to see if she's hurt after a "chummer" from Shark Boy.


Awesome Kong v. ODB - Falls Count Anywhere Match


What's the point of a falls count anywhere if you are going to do the pin inside the ring? Just make it No DQ. Kong wins after spearing ODB through a table. Not as good as it could have been.


Christian Interview


Team 3-D v. Abyss/Matt Morgan


Bad match. I couldn't wait for it to end as it had no entertainment value at all. Dudley's hit Morgan with a chair and give it to Abyss for the tag team miscommunication that is Russo's staple.


Petey Williams v. Consequences Creed v. Sheik Abdul Bashir - X title Match


Bashir wins after he pins Creed after Williams hit Creed with the Canadian Destroyer and Bashir pulls Williams out of the ring. Best thing on the show so far, but that isn't saying much.


Angelina Love v. Taylor Wilde - Knockout's Title Match


Video package says Wilde is youngest Knockout's champion in TNA history. Yeah, third champion in the history of a title that is less than a year old. Kip James goes from "Megastar" to "Cute Kip." Bum. Rhyno is brought out by Wilde to even the odds. Okay match with Wilde retaining after a northern lights



Jay Lethal v. Sonjay Dutt - Ladder of Love Match


So yeah. Ring is above the ring. First to climb the ladder and grab the ring gets to have sex with So Cal val ("Whoever gets it, can have me") was Val's words. So she's pimping herself out to the winner of a ladder match. "Fire Russo!" No chants, but that was my sentiments. Decent match with a goofy premise. Of course Val turns on Lethal and Dutt gets the ring. Don West is pissed. Dutt and Val make out.


Kurt Angle Interview


LAX v. Beer Money - Tag Titles


Beer Money retains after Jackie throws powder in Homicide's eyes allowing Roode to hit the payoff. Not one of their best matches. Jackie also took out Salinas in the bathroom earlier in the show so she wasn't out. (She quit to film a movie).


AJ Styles v. Frank Trigg - MMA Style Match


Trigg with a heel promo straight out of 1985. "We Want Wresting" and "Fire Russo" chants erupt during the first round. (Three, 5 minute rounds with a one minute rest in between.) "This is bullshit" chant as the second round begins. Early in the round AJ gives unintentional low blow and the match is ruled a no contest. AJ has a puffy right eye. AJ grabs a cane and beats down Trigg and calls him a faggot. (Trigg had hit AJ with a cane on impact.)


Samoa Joe Interview


Samoa Joe v. Christian Cage v. Kurt Angle v. x - TNA World Title


Okay match, dead crowd, lousy finish. Christian working hard in front of the Canadian crowd. Jarrett comes down and hits Angle with guitar. Muscle Buster by Joe, Jarrett throws referee back in for the pin fall.



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