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Vintage Negro Casas of the Day #4

ohtani's jacket



Negro Casas/El Felino/Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. El Dandy/La Fiera/Corazon de Leon, CMLL 7/23/93


This was the epitome of a nothing match.


It began with some sort of sit down talk between Casas and Felino with heel commentator Arturo Rivera serving as mediator. They seemed engaged in a philosophical debate over whether Casas was still a rudo, which I'm sure is riveting if you understand a word of Spanish, but perplexing if you don't.


How could Casas and Felino remain on the same side when Casas threw in the towel to cost Felino his welterweight title? That's the sort of contradiction that makes it difficult for people to get into lucha. One minute Casas doesn't want to be a rudo anymore and is trying to buddy with Dandy; the next minute he's turning on his brother in what most of us have been preconditioned to believe is a face turn for Felino. Either this is an incredibly sophisticated angle which I can't understand or there's no continuity. It's as though they teased a Casas brothers feud through the summer only to drop it for something else. As best I can tell, Felino accuses Casas of being envious, but the theme for Casas' entire 1993 seems to be a crisis of faith.


Seriously, if you can understand Spanish and you care enough, drop me a line and let me know what's going on.


The confusion wouldn't have been so bad if the match had been any good, but it was the opposite of a fun Arena Coliseo match. I usually watch these matches two or three times while writing them up, but this wasn't a match I'd want to sit through again. Felino and Casas almost came to blows during Rivera's intervention yet there was no pay off in the match. The vignette was probably shot separately to the match so I can understand there being no connection, but why book this way if you can't really produce a television show? Casas was still avoiding wrestling Dandy the way he did in 1992, Wagner was greener than Espectro's mask, Jericho was fucking awful in Mexico, and the match-up I was most looking forward to seeing, Dandy vs. Felino, was slow and ponderous. The entire match was long and drawn out. The only guy who provided a spark was Fiera, which if you've seen the condition he was in during 1993 was a little depressing.


Enough about this one.


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Thanks to Raging Noodles for translating the interview. It's actually pretty funny.



The interview starts with Felino wondering how Negro Casas can be a rudo, if he just partnered up with a technico.

"Is he a rudo, or is he a technico?" - Felino asks out loud. "Why does he partner up with a technico?"

Casas starts talking about how he's a rudo, how he is one of the very best rudos in Mexico. Claims he was the best rudo the past year.

Felino brings up the towel throwing incident.

Then Felino says that he thinks Casas is the brother of Ciclon Ramirez, because "es igual de negro de Ciclon" ("as dark skinned as Ciclon").

Casas laughs at this accusation.

Felino repeats it.

Casas starts accusing Felino of jealousy. Says that Ciclon isn't his brother, but his employee. That he has him working in a garden at the moment.

"He's a good employee," Casas says. "He is not my brother."

Casas then calls his skin tone "belleza negra" ("beautiful black").

Rivera attempts to get them to reconcile but both are having none of it.

Casas says the towel and the drink incident are nothing compared to what's coming to Felino soon.

Felino is now saying that lucha libre is for the "jovenes" ("young people"), not like Masakre.

Casas is now, "What does he have to do with this?"

Felino then puts his hands on Casas, and the interview comes to an end.

Between the weird talk of skin color, the odd "Ciclon is your brother"-"No he is my employee" talk, Masakre being brought up, I think this video just makes things more confusing, ha.

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