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Satoru Sayama vs Tiger Mask IV-BJW 25.7.1995.



This was short and a really great Sayama carry job, his kicks looked beautiful, he performed a couple of great looking takedowns and punches the shit out of his protege when he was in a position that allowed him to do so. There's a really cool moment where TMIV goes for a wheelbarrow leglock and Sayama tries to quickly block it by grabbing TM's foot an pressing his stomach/chest with a knee but doesn't execute it fast enough and gets caught in the leglock regardless. A lot of really cool escapes and grappling are displayed here, well worth your time if you're into the style. Sayama also reversed a ful mount into an Armbar and it reminded me of a judo escape I'd have learned by now if life hadn't killed my enthusiasm for practicing martial arts. Oh well. I'll get back into it. ***-***1/4


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