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Satoru Sayama vs Yoshinori Nishi-LUMAX CUP 13.10.1995.


This was an "exhibition match" that took place during a shoot tournament. I always thought worked judo would be an amazing form of pro wrestling and this is probably the closest we'll ever get, they still used leglocks and punches/kicks but wore gis and fought on tatamis. Nishi looked really great in this, his kicks were wonderful (there was a great counter spot where he sweeped Sayama's legs with one) and his flying armbar looked devastating. Sayama managed to get a flashy escape in without it looking silly and they did a variation of the spot where both guys grab a leglock and then roll around until they fall out of the ring which looked really cool in a different environment. It doesn't go long and is definitely a good use of your time if you enjoy shoot style, at least for how bizarre it is. A pretty neat find. ***-***1/4



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