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Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs Don Frye-NJPW 5.6.1998.

I had no idea this happened so I watched it immediately as I stumbled upon it. It ruled. It had to. Don Frye isn't a great wrestler per se, so I tried to imagine a scenario in which this match would be disappointing, but I simply couldn't. There was no way the narrow skillset he possesses wouldn't translate well in this setting. Watching them battle on the mat was really fun, one of the first thing Fujiwara did in the match was a leglock hammerlock (it looked as insane as it sounds) from which he somehow transitioned into a full mount, obviously Frye would have the advantage of being stronger than him and that's how they played it up with Fujiwara reversing his stuff with cool holds and transitions, the finishing stretch was amazing, Frye had great punches and Fujiwara's awesome staggering selling made Frye punching him out look even better, great performance by Fujiwara and a really neat find.



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