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Naoya Ogawa vs Kazuo Yamazaki-NJPW 6.7.1997.


First Fujiwara-Frye, now this, today has been a good day. Ogawa is still in his gi-wearing phase and his offence is limited to judo stuff, it creates an interesting styles clash against a shoot wrestler like Yamazaki, there were a bunch of good looking slams and strikes in here but what really made it is how smartly they were built up, every offensive maneuver made here made sense from the persepctive of a wrestler trying to use his strenghts to gain advantage over the other, Yamazaki has the advantage in striking and kicking, Ogawa in throws and they overlap in submissions which is played up in a satisfying manner, I can't think of how this could've been any better, every transition is treated as a huge deal and there's a real sense of urgency in everything they do and the finish fits in perfectly with everything they'd had established.


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