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Why not W*ING? and IWA Japan too!

G. Badger



The Iceman vs Miguel Perez Jr. (02/92 W*ING): Man oh man! We only get clips of this match the worst fact is that all of a sudden both guys are covered in blood. Come on W*ING! If anyone knows of a full or even less clipped version that'd be awesome.


Silver King vs Texano (05/23/94 IWA Japan): Cagematch is showing it as a very early show...perhaps the 3rd and looks to be the first tape they released. It is a highly recommended match. Lucharesu style, Los Cowboys stiffing the heck out of each other, nice sequences, a match like this I would think to see in Michinoku Pro.


Really dug Cynthia Moreno in early 90's AJW so I was pleased to see that she made some appearances in the sleazies...IWA Japan specifically.


Just watched her murderlize Tomoe Araya on the 3/7/95 show opener (not 100% on the date). People clapped for the usual "we admire your toughness" for Araya but man...Moreno brought the Zenjo level brutality here at times.


Then I see there's Cynthia and Araya's first match at Duel of the Wilds, IWA Japan.


Much better match than the above...surprising since you'd think they'd improve. Here they kept everything simple and spaced out the moves better and more logically. Sure, the 3/7 match had Moreno as death dealer at times but, this first match was actually fun for the right reasons!


Then there's one where Cynthia is in a gold singlet rather than black. This one was shaping up to be good but then Tomoe lost her balance on her Yoshida run up turning cross body block move...so she jumped to the floor. Not sure where in this epic trilogy this match fits in but, hey, its been fun.



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