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Spotlight: Atsushi Onita - February 1991

G. Badger


Onita's FMW is starting out just right in '91. Back to back February Korakuen hall shows ain't to shabby. Here's Onita's main events from those shows:


Onita vs Tarzan Goto (02/26/91): Blood curdling blows- Haymakers, no touch headbutts that split skin, clotheslines, chair shots, table attacks! Oh yeah! This was just great wrestling, great brawling. Onita & Goto showed ultimate heart and guts. This was right up there with the Kurisu matches and so much better than their electric barbwire match. Shoot, if Goto wasn't the #2 man in FMW before, he was now. This was kinda like a bloody low-fi version of what Misawa & Kawada would start a year or two later...at least that's how I look at it. Great match!


Onita vs Gregory Veritchev (02/27/91): Another night, another battle. Onita's taking it back to the different style fights by challenging the Russian Samboist Gregory Veritchev. Greg's a powerful looking dude almost reminds me of a shorter Stan Hansen in a gi. Surprisingly, this was an excellent competitive bout. It's arguably superior to the Lee Gak Soo match. I think because of that grappling link between wrestling and Sambo. Plus Greg knows how to take great bumps! The way the finish was done wasn't precisely how I would have liked it. It got a little repetitive but, it certainly got the point across. This was the only downside of the match that I saw. So, I highly recommend watching this match. Plus there's no rounds here so, if that screws you up- have no hesitation :)


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