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CWF Mid-Atlantic has posted two new episodes of Worldwide to their YouTube channel. The match lists looks like this.

Episode 155

  1. Kernodle Cup Semi-Finals: Trevor Lee & Chet Sterling vs The Carnies (Nick Iggy & Kerry Awful)
  2. Kernodle Cup Semi-Finals: Redemption (Michael McAllister & Nick Richards) vs The Closers (Sloan Caprice & Rick Roland)
  3. RGL Title Match: Kool Jay (c) vs Mace Li vs Jeff Castro vs John Castro
  4. Roy Wilkins vs Dirty Daddy

Episode 156

  1. Kernodle Cup Finals: Trevor Lee & Chet Sterling vs The Closers
  2. Mike Mars vs Aaron Biggs
  3. The Gym Nasty Boys (White Mike & Timmy Lou Retton) & The Cross Brothers (Aden Cross & Christian Cross) vs Corruption (Cain Justice & Ethan A. Sharpe) & High Profile (Shea Shea McGrady & Will Demented)



Anything the rest of us should go out of our way to check out? Let us know what you think of both episodes in the comments.



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