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Pro Wrestling Only

WANT TO BE A PWO CO-FOUNDER? Calling All Wrestling Fan Engineers, Marketers, and Entrepreneurs!




If I have learned anything at all, it's that the vision I have for Pro Wrestling Only will never be achieved if I continue operating this as a one-man show. I have quite a few great ideas for how to make the site rock, but having the idea and having the skills to execute it are two different things. That's where help come in. 

I am looking for two CO-FOUNDERS to join me in getting Pro Wrestling Only off the ground. In exchange, you'll each get 25% ownership of the site. In the future, you could choose to retain that ownership and continue profiting as the site grows, or you could sell it back to me after we get the site off the ground and move on to other opportunities. That would be your choice. If we can work together to make the site a success, the rewards could be quite lucrative. If this type of risk-taking venture sounds up your alley, please keep reading. 

The way I see it, there are three things PWO needs in order to be successful: vision, execution, and promotion. The vision part I have covered. However, I am looking for a FULL STACK ENGINEER and FULL STACK MARKETER as co-founders. For now, I want to refrain from publicly sharing too many of the details, but if you happen to be skilled in one of these roles, we might be able to work together. Please contact me privately and I'm happy to share more information and answer any questions you might have. I should be clear that this requires no financial investment. The investment would be a time investment. It's important to me that I find co-founders who are serious about this, who have some real skin in the game, and who are willing to make this a top priority in their lives. I also want to find partners who have the background they need to hit the ground running.

I plan to pursue this through traditional channels if I have to do so. However, if there's a chance that honest-to-God wrestling fans who are just as passionate about this as I am could partner with me, I'd MUCH prefer to go that route.



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