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Stardom 10th Anniversary Show



Stardom 10th Anniversary 2021.01.17

Tokyo, Korauken Hall

Watching the Samurai TV version.

Future of Stardom: Saya Iida (c) vs Unagi Sayaka

Huge cut into the match, pretty much the finishing sequence, after the introductions.  You would think Iida, with her power, would be able to get a good spinebuster, but nah.  Match was mediocre at best, no real flow whatsoever.

Natsupoi vs Konami 

Big cut into Konami controlling Natsupoi and then Natsupoi takes over with her flashy offense, and she is hitting things pretty clean.  Konami goes for two armbars and gets a cool a tarantula type armbar in the corner.  Konami goes for a kimura type thing and gets Manami Roll’d in return, but ends up getting a Rings of Saturn.  Konami didn’t want to let go of the hold and hits the ref and gets DQ’d.  This looked like it could have been really decent in full.

High Speed Title: AZM (c) vs Kaori Yoneyama

Nice quick sprint, lots of action packed in for sub 6 minutes.  The only thing I wasn’t really a fan of was that huracanrana thing that AZM did, it looked really awkward.  Seemed like some slight miscommunication during all those quick maneuvers during the final stretch (waiting on Yoneyama, also being a mile away from the high kick).  Overall, pretty fun.  Natsupoi challenges for the title afterwards.

Tam Nakano vs Starlight Kid

Match is JIPed and starts with Nakano controlling Kid with very basic offense and heeling.  Kid gets a nice plancha.  Girls have a forearm war which Nakano wins convincingly after a minute.  Both girls attempt tiger suplexes, but after a quick sequence, Kid hits the tiger for two.  Kid struggles to hit another one and Nakano hits a spin kick.  Nakano goes for another tiger suplex, which gets reversed and we get multiple reversals into pins, but Nakano hits two shining wizards (including to the back of the head) and gets the Tiger Suplex Hold with a sick bridge for the pin.  Pretty good match, probably could have had fewer pin reversals.

Queen's Quest (Momo Watanabe & Saya Kamitani) vs Donna del Mondo (Himeka & Syuri) vs Oedo Tai (Bea Priestley & Saki Kashima) vs STARS (Mayu Iwatani & Ruaka)

Match starts with a three-way, which thankfully ends quickly, once Priestley is in and the ring gets cleared.  Then Iwatani is the only girl left and she is posing and smiling to the crowd.  Mayu hits a plancha to all the girls on the outside.  STARS get eliminated first after Iwatani gets launched off the top rope. Oedo Tai gets eliminated shortly after a dragon sleeper.  Watanabe hits a shitload of strikes on Syuri and hits a release tiger suplex.  Kamitami has to fend off Donna del Mondo for a lot of the final fall, until Donna fuck up and Watanabe gets involved.  Kamitami hits the Star Crusher for the win.  This match didn’t work for me, felt like filler match.  Somehow how too much going on and too little going on in the same match.  

Wonder of Stardom No Rules Match: Giulia (c) vs Natsuko Tora

Worked sort of like a Dump vs technico match.  Lots of use of weapons, some contrived use of chairs, and having the technico use their technical ability to outlast the monster and her team, Oedo Tai.  Tora is a much better technical wrestler than Dump, but doesn’t really have the charisma or presence of her though.  When the match was purely technical it was decent.  Oedo Tai interferes big time and Tora does a splash through a table, which Giulia practically no sells, that or there was a big cut.  Tora with blue mist to the eyes and a diving leg drop.  Ref almost counts Giulia down and her team, Donna del Mundo, bails her out.  Tora tries to use a chain again but it backfires and gets choked, Giulia struggles to get her finisher, but hits it to get the three.  Definitely not a great match, but it was ok.  Giulia does a promo quickly afters, and she looks pretty cool covered with the blue mist.

World Of Stardom Title Match: Utami Hayashishita (c) vs Maika

Maika grounds the champ early with some armwork.  She gets a Fujiwara, a standard armbar, and an armbar/triangle choke combo.  I like the struggle for Maika's superplex.  Maika's backdrop driver looked brutal.  Utami is able to make comebacks with lariats, goes for a Black Tiger Bomb, but Maika escapes to get the katahajime and Utami uses the ropes to slam Maika down.  Maika eats a huge bitchslap and a torture rack slam for a two count and then the Black Tiger Bomb for three.  Not bad, I liked how just about everything had some kind of struggle, nothing was easy, but this did meander when Maika was on offense.


Overall, the show was decent, but there was nothing great to watch.  Matches of the night were the undercard matches of Konami/Natsupoi, Nakano/Kid, and AZM/Kaori.  Nothing was really bad either, so I can say this show is very mild recommendation.


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