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  1. I'm not quite sure of my top 10, but here's what I have so far (not in order): Jaguar Hokuto Eddie Hansen Bull Rey Flair Santito Tenryu Casas
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  3. Alex

    Mercedes Martinez

    That was a fun two hours. I enjoyed Mercedes slugging it out with Kana and the submission match the most. I'm so glad Mercedes and Kylie didn't go the Benoit/Angle route for the submission match, and the no ropes stip was dope and loved the use of the streamers. I will definitely be checking out more of her.
  4. Alex

    Footage that Exists

    If you ever get in contact with that guy, let me know.
  5. Alex

    Eddie Guerrero

    My favorite wrestler of all time. Could pretty much do everything well, promos, storyline acting, matches were fantastic and he had good matches with a variety of quality of wrestlers and in different settings. His 2004 year is one of my favorite wrestling performances for a year, and he had a lot of strong matches in 2003 and 2005 (that June Smackdown match with Rey goddamn) also. He's a lock for my top 10. It just sucks he had so many matches with Benoit (I can't watch them anymore).
  6. Ice Ribbon has a thing on niconico, it's around $5/month.
  7. Alex

    2016 vs. 2006 at a glance

    I miss the Joshi forum from Smarkschoice, I learned so much from that place. That forum was a huge reason why I got into Joshi in the first place. Sure there were the creepy posts once in a while, but it was overall super informative. I know people make fun of Coey, but he was a big fan of joshi as well, and spider twist was a pretty good resource along with Lorefice. It seems like Lorefice doesn't watch joshi as much as he used to, but still collects everything. I wonder what has happened to wolverine, pantherwagner, Rob, and FLIK. I know PUNQ is religiously watching every movie ever made. Looking at that list, it surprises me that Yoshida wasn't in the top 25. Seemed like everyone was a stan of hers. Once AJW and GAEA closed up shop, Joshi got super niche super quick. I never saw anyone post about Joshi on the regular boards except for the same 90's shit. I kinda have to thank Ronda being such a huge star that the WWE wanted a piece of that action as well, and now the WWE has a real women's division that isn't used for bathroom breaks. Stardom have done a good job of getting more westerners watching and keeping them after Shirai and Hojo have left. I sort of have 80s yearbooks in the works. I have the footage, it's just extremely time consuming to put that stuff together. I have no idea how Will did so many sets in such a small amount of time. What a workhorse.
  8. Alex

    Yumi Ikeshita

    I have about 30 - 35 matches of hers.
  9. Alex

    Who Are the Best Hubs?

    Satanico is a good one.
  10. Alex

    Bull Nakano

    I'm about to make some popcorn for that list. I only have two women above Bull.
  11. Alex

    Watch Parties

    That was my first time doing a watch party, and it went awesome. I've seen those matches before, but it's Jaguar, I'm always down for some rewatches. The chat was great and added to the experience. I will try to do the other ones, especially for the stuff I've never seen before.
  12. Alex

    Alexa Bliss

    I don't want to be negative on a wrestler, but I can't stand her, I almost always fast forward her segments. She has to be second coming of Jaguar in the next five years to crack my list. She's certainly had some fun matches (I've liked her vs Sasha), but nothing great. Maybe if I one of extremely creepy fans, I'd give her a vote, but I'm not.
  13. Alex

    Jaguar Yokota

    I thought it was Kitano, definitely looked and sounded like him, but wasn't sure. Thanks!
  14. Alex

    Mayumi Ozaki

    I'm well aware that she loves Joshi, I just wanted to make the correction. I agree with you that Ozaki influence is totally there.
  15. Alex

    Current Joshi Talk

    Yeah the 4/4 show was pretty good overall, it didn't have the any horrible like the 3/3 show did (goddamn that battle royale sucked). The main event ran too long for me. Bea/Utami was the MOTN for me.