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  1. I have this as 1980.12.01, but maybe my match listing from AJPW classics is wrong? Found this to be mostly boring. I need to have more fire and nice offense in between all the holds to keep me interested. It took like 20 minutes or so to get some fire. Then I wondered how well this did with the DVDVR poll and saw it wasn't even nominated. Not a bad match but it was fine as a dream match oddity watch, definitely don't want to see it again any time soon.
  2. Alex

    GWE 2021

    I tried joining that Slack, and I got a message saying:
  3. Alex

    Jaguar Yokota

    Happy New Year! So I took a break in uploading videos, but I've started up again. More stuff is in the playlist. Here's some early Jaguar on a variety show in 1979:
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  6. Alex

    NXT Takeover: XXX

    Takeover was alright. I don't think I've ever seen an outright bad Takeover yet. MVPs were McAfee and Thatcher. Shirai bounced back pretty well after that early botch, looked like she hurt herself for a little bit. Match was fine, though the ending was flat. Main event was definitely not good.
  7. Alex

    NXT Takeover: XXX

    McAfee is a natural, that might have been the most entertaining match I've seen with Adam Cole.
  8. Alex

    NXT Takeover: XXX

    I'm not a Balor fan, but that was the best Balor match I've seen. It was also the second Thatcher match I've seen and both were really good. It's really weird seeing Thatcher's style in the WWE, even if NXT is not really aligned with the main roster. It's also weird seeing Balor, the first Universal champion, curtain jerking NXT.
  9. Alex

    Jaguar Yokota

    Unrelated to her wrestling matches, I think this may be the earliest footage of Jaguar training as part of the AJW dojo I've seen so far. It's from November 1986 (she retired in February) in Saipan, and it's one of those travel trip things they'd show on the old AJW TV shows every once in a while. It's kinda neat, you can she they're working on a judo hip toss and you can see a much skinnier Aja Kong grappling with another student. Akira Hokuto is in it also, but she already graduated and has been on TV for a year, but she did the best out of the long jumping competition (which is OMG dumb, some girls seem to get hurt). And yep, that's Akira Hokuto in the thumbnail.
  10. Alex

    Jaguar Yokota

    Thanks! I have another two matches in the process right now. I really, really like that match and I still think it's great, and it was the first Jaguar match I've seen (I mean well it was rated ***** by Meltz, it's probably a lot of people's first Jaguar match). But yes, it gets ruined by Lioness Asuka. The Nagayo/Masami match is definitely the best match of the night.
  11. Alex

    Jaguar Yokota

    If I'm still here regularly by the next time the GWE poll is done, she'll be very, very, very high on my list. I have a lot of Rimi/Jaguar Yokota matches on disc, and I've been cataloguing old AJW on Youtube, though they're unlisted (I hate getting strikes). If anybody is wanting to watch Jaguar in AJW, I have a playlist in the works here:
  12. Alex

    [1996-11-18-WWF-Raw] Faarooq vs Savio Vega

    What was the point of Sunny here. I forgot how bad the original Nation of Domination was, ugh that horrible rap. The AKKlaim Slam of the Week is Rocky's debut match at Survivor Series! Nice spine buster by Faarooq. Yeah, that blown superplex spot looked bad, but they both acted like nothing happened.
  13. Austin does a long entrance giving enough time for Mankind to club from behind. And we get a brawl to open RAW! Really good fun match that got about 12 minutes of TV time.
  14. LOL, total north eastern crowd. Sid is just so bad, his movements are so slow and so awkward, it's pretty amazing that Shawn was able to get this kind of match of Sid and most likely Sid's best singles match.
  15. Both interviews before the match are pretty good, Austin was obviously better. Austin's entrance is fucking awesome. This feels like a big match even though it's not gimmicked, there's no title on the line, and it's not the main event. Austin and Bret have always had great chemistry together, and this was an excellent match that doesn't really feel like a WWF match, and it's one of the best WWF 90's matches, but they would top this a few months later.