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The Playlists


  1. History of Pro Wrestling Playlists

    These playlists will run the full gamut of pro wrestling and include whatever footage I have in chronological order, from all over the world. Each volume is approximately 4 hours. 

    You will occasionally see hyperlinks throughout the listings. These will link to reviews of the match in question that I think are interesting, or more often to the ProWrestlingOnly.com Match Discussion Archive. Thousands of matches have individual threads available where people can chime in with their thoughts. You can sign up for the board if you’re interested. Likewise, if you know of good resources related to certain matches, such as message board or blog posts, articles or podcasts, please let me know and I’ll update everyone with the additional information.

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  3. Style-specific Playlists

    French catch, lucha libre, shoot style, Joshi and much more!

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  6. Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame Series

    These playlists are an attempt to honor the members of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame by curating the available footage for each HOF entrant that has five or more filmed matches available. 

    I think one of my reasons for wanting to do this is to demonstrate that there is far more wrestling on film from this era than some people may think. There’s always a dumbfounded contingency on Twitter when Dave Meltzer mentions Jim Londos (or Rikidozan or El Santo, for that matter), and even those who know some about him may not realize that we have a full two hours of footage from his career that includes clips of over 40 matches. While it doesn’t do his stardom justice by any means, it’s not like we have no sense of what his matches were like either.

    Each volume is 2 - 2 ½ hours and all matches are listed in chronological order.

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  8. MOTYC Series

    This series focuses on MOTYCs (Match of the Year Candidates), highlighting consensus picks for the best things to occur within a calendar year. If you submitted your thoughts on any matches to me, look out for those comments to be added to the match listing as we continue.

    The early years are lean, both because of less available footage and not as much established canon, but we’ll still do our best to represent every year from 1950 to present. If you believe I missed something in any year, please reach out and I can always update the playlist.

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