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  1. Ep 2 is up! (Link and description deeper in the thread) Pleased as punch to finally announce me and Matt Feuerstein's new ongoing podcast project: ThROH The Years. We're going to be review every ROH event (Until we get tired of it) starting from the first show. Obviously the timing has turned out to be great/strange, and I think 15 years is just long enough to where these shows can be looked back at from a fresh perspective. To the best of my knowledge no one else is doing it yet in podcast form either. Where The Big Boys play is a show Matt and I are fans of and an obvious influence. First episode is up, a nearly 160 minute whopper where we discuss ROH as a whole and our history with the company before we review the first ROH show ever: The Era of Honor Begins. It features Super Crazy vs. Eddie Guerrero, Low Ki vs. Bryan Danielson vs. Christopher Daniels, Spanky holding a bag of Wendy's, Eric The Towel Boy, and the most homophobic segment in pro wrestling history. It was a ton of fun to make. It was my first time hosting and I feel I was slightly rough but I'll get better and overall I think we made a nice little podcast for you to listen to. Write to us with any comments or questions at [email protected] or hey, by posting here. And please somebody tell me what Spanky orders from Wendy's, seriously. http://www.thecubsfan.com/2017/03/26/throh-the-years-episode-1-the-era-of-honor-begins/
  2. ThROH The Years kicks off it's coverage of 2005 and it all begins with a show called, well, It All Begins. Samoa Joe and Mick Foley have a physical confrontation. Austin Aries' title reign begins. Danielson and Homicide start their best of five series. Everyone is injured. All this and more as Joe Gagne is in our Thunderdome. https://redcircle.com/shows/throh-the-years
  3. ThROH The Years follows up a supersized episode with an even larger one, because not only do we cover Final Battle 2004, we do our third annual ROH end of year rundown. That means we put a bow on Samoa Joe's amazing title reign, as well as Steamboat's year with the company. We give awards, we give overall thoughts, we lose our voices, we lose our minds. Thanks to everyone for supporting us through three years of ROH. Here's to three more! https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingonly/throh-the-years-episode-55-final-battle-2004
  4. Hey! ThROH The Years now has it's own podcast feed all over the place, although we're still also on the PWO podcast network. Oh, and a new four hour episode: This is one of the biggest episodes in ThROH The Years history. All Star Extravaganza 2. That means Joe vs. Punk, a match that makes Trevor feel human emotion. That means Jim Cornette vs. Bobby Heenan. Matt and Trevor also finally break down and rant about Dave Meltzer quotes like every other wrestling podcast ever. Plus Splash Cannonball, Jerk Jackson and so so so much more. https://redcircle.com/shows/throh-the-years/ Or iTunes or a bunch of places!
  5. https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingo...hunder-night-2 ThROH The Years wraps ROH's big Weekend of Thunder doubleshot. We cover another Liger dream match, a possible plant planting one on Nigel, a divisive No DQ match and one of the scarier injuries in ROH history.
  6. Haha, honestly at this point I'm almost numb to it. ROH's treatment of women, not boobs. Well, maybe I'm numb to boobs. I'm numb to a lot of things!
  7. ThROH The Years is back! Joe Gagne is back! Jushin Liger is back...in the US! We cover Weekend of Thunder Night One, a show with a loaded second half topped off by Liger vs. Danielson. We also gab about ref shoot interviews, travel distances, and an apology is made to Joe's wife. https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingo...hunder-night-1
  8. Joe vs. Punk II. On episode 51 of ThROH The Years Matt and Trevor cover the most important match in the first three years of ROH. In one of our most detailed reviews ever we cover the story behind the match, our own thoughts, and the reactions from wrestling media. We also cover the rest of the show too, because we're nice like that. https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingo...joe-vs-punk-ii
  9. ThROH The Years and ROH both turn 50 in an episode where we cover ROH Gold, a B-Show with a lot of little interesting stories and a Homicide/CM Punk match that both bangs and slaps. We also cover Problematic Chad Collyer, Woke Gabe, and threatening to tell Ricky Steamboat about what you did. Thanks for all the support for fifty episodes! https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingo...de-50-roh-gold
  10. ThROH The Years soldiers on with a review of the Midnight Express Reunion show. It features Samoa Joe vs. Bryan Danielson, breakout performances for Jay Lethal and Nigel McGuinness, and Ricky Morton being a great heel. Also, Matt sings. Also, there are literal fireworks before the main event. On the podcast, not the event. Also: The Panther. https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingo...xpress-reunion
  11. ThROH The Years is back during troubled times. We address what's been going on in the world and then review Glory By Honor 3, a show featuring the debut of Mick Foley, the return of Steve Corino, dream matches that underachieve, other matches than overachieve, and a hippy concert playing in the background! We also take a break in the middle of the show to talk about how crazy the 2004 IWA-MS TPI tournament was. Stay strong. https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingo...ory-by-honor-3
  12. ThROH The Years keeps its hot streak going covering Scramble Cage Melee with Joe Gagne! Homicide, CM Punk and Samoa Joe battle for a meaningless privilege, an insane cage match happens, a title changes hands, and Mark Nulty says a lot of things. Grab a piece of chain link and shake, you're about to be entertained. https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingonly/throh-the-years-episode-47-scramble-cage-melee
  13. I would normally doubt a story like the "We were going to try a nearly three hour match" one, except for the fact that Danielson seems like one of the more honest guys in wrestling and the story isn't one that really serves a point in making up. I can only assume if they had gone through with it the show would've been a double DVD release, as ROH would occasionally do. The show clearly wasn't booked with a three-hour match in mind, but unless it's a one match show, I don't know how you can book with a three-hour match in mind. There were definitely more edits to the undercard than normal to make things fit, but it didn't seem like an obscene amount of edits. Some entrances cut, a few minutes out of an undercard match, and the already short Joe/Acid match clipped down to a minute or two of highlights. Based on that, it feels like Gabe was likely already budgeting for Aries/Danielson to go longer than the average ROH main event, but obviously not as long as the match ended up being. As for the crowd, I never thought they lost them either, but sometimes things play differently on tape than they do live. I know live reports said a few fans, not many, but a few, left, and I think the report sent into the Observer mentioning the murmuring of fan conversations. That quote Gabe gave about thinking the only way a three hour match could work would be in front of a small, invite-only crowd of your hardest core fans came after the 76 minute match took place, so however the crowd was live, it clearly didn't convince Gabe that they could've pulled it off. I think I liked the Danielson dive knockout spot more than most, or at the very least, didn't dislike it as much as Matt and others did. The only thing that really bugged me about it was between Aries arguing with the ref to do something about a KOed Danielson and the commentary basically agreeing that the match should be stopped, it did create a brief weird vibe where you've got Danielson selling like he's dead, and everyone else but the ref basically saying "What the fuck is the ref doing?"
  14. ThROH The Years is going to go the distance by reviewing Testing The Limit, a show featuring a marathon 76 minute Aries/Danielson match that puts Matt and Trevor's voices to their own test. In our longest match review to date, we cover this bout from so many angles, you're going to think it's geometry class. Plus we cover the rest of the show too! https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingonly/throh-the-years-episode-46-testing-the-limit
  15. Pandemics mean more pods! We're already back with a new ThROH The Years reviewing Death Before Dishonor 2, Part 2! An amazingly consistent show with a who's who of indie stars. Low Ki works heel! Cabana wrestles Joe for the title! Head magnets! And it is all topped off with one of the most violent matches in ROH history. There's no need to leave home when you have us to keep you company! https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingonly/throh-the-years-episode-45-death-before-dishonor-2-night-2
  16. Hey, not allowed to leave your home? Let this lean and mean episode of ThROH The Years distract you with tales of Death Before Dishonor 2, Night One. This is a sneaky good show with a bunch of very good matches, including the end of both the Joe/Homicide and Saints/Briscoe feuds! Wash your hands, stay away from people and enjoy. https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingonly/throh-the-years-episode-44-death-before-dishonor-2-night-1
  17. ThROH The Years is here to wrap up a rebirth with our review of Reborn: Completion. It's a show with a ton of interesting angles including the return of Low Ki and the end of the Steamboat/Punk saga. Of course, we still find time to talk about when the Briscoes got good looking, Roderick Strong's baby fat, and crotch money. https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingonly/throh-the-years-episode-43-roh-reborn-completion
  18. ThROH The Years is here to kick off 2020 with the very first Survival of the Fittest. We go into the crazy history behind this show and cover the card itself, featuring breakout performances for Austin Aries and Jay Lethal. How flexible is Jack Evans? What is the Contender's Circle/Ring? What kitchen appliance is Bryan Danielson like? Tune in to find out.
  19. Joe vs. Punk,Cameras vs. Dust. ThROH The Years covers one of the most important matches in ROH history up to this point and much more on the World Title Classic show. Does mustard slide off a hot dog? Why is everyone in the parking lot? Why doesn't Homicide wrestle? We answer at least two of those questions and more on this episode. https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingonly/throh-the-years-episode-41-world-title-classic
  20. ThROH The Years is here to soothe your frazzled nerves as this time we cover Generation Next. It's a landmark show that features the formations of one of the greatest indie stables of all time. We break it all down but far more importantly, we rank all four members of the stable by physical attractiveness. This was a great episode. https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingonly/throh-the-years-episode-40-generation-next
  21. Matt, Trevor and Boston correspondent Joe Gagne have arrived to see the completion of a trilogy on this episode of ThROH The Years. We cover Round Robin Challenge 3, which includes three tag title changes, the return of Spanky, the loudest slap in wrestling history and...Ox Baker? Fall is here so get cozy, sip your warm drink and then, and only then, press play.
  22. Well...we officially end the man on woman violence counter with this episode: ThROH The Years is here to close out another summer by covering Reborn: Stage Two. We've brought back Dr.Keith Lipinski (AAW, Dr.Keith Presents) to revisit a show he attended. We talk the first ever Danielson/Homicide match, a big title change main event, dirty bathroom floors, pinatas, and get the scoop on the poop (angle).
  23. It's a new era for ROH and ThROH The Years as this episode Matt and Trevor cover Reborn: Stage One. A reset for the company, there's a lot of booking to talk about, a mind-blowing instance of something years earlier than you'd expect and the second death of a beloved podcast streak. Also CM Punk vs. Bryan Danielson and Samoa Joe vs. Homicide! Oh, and Trevor reveals what his name would be if he was a wrestler. https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingonly/throh-the-years-episode-37-roh-reborn-stage-one
  24. https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingonly/throh-the-years-episode-36-at-our-best It's here, ThROH The Years returns for an episode unlike any other. On this mammoth length episode Matt and Trevor cover the entire Rob Feinstein scandal. The backstory, the fallout, it's three hours in itself. Then we cover At Our Best, a major show with one of the best and bloodiest modern cage matches, Ricky Steamboat and Dusty Rhodes! Put on a bib, it's a heavy duty episode.
  25. When we started doing ThROH The Years I thought "I am going to get a lot of shit for not loving AJ Styles" because I remembered not liking him a ton in the early years of ROH. Then, rewatching the shows, I was shocked at how much I enjoyed AJ's performances and how he wasn't like I remembered, his stuff from the first couple years of ROH has aged really well for the most part. But this show, this was the AJ I had remembered/misremembered.