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  1. ThROH The Years is ready to start it's journey into 2004 as we review the first show of that year, The Battle Lines Are Drawn. AJ Styles vs. Homicide! The Briscoes vs. Samoa Joe and Bryan Danielson! Six man war! What wrestler does an unexpected and dangerous spot? What match were ROH officials hyping as the best in company history? What celebrity does Matt secretly know everything about? There's only one way to find out, listen!
  2. ThROH The Years has come to the end...of 2003! We're reviewing the final show of the year, Final Battle 2003. It's a loaded card with All Japan stars and we have lots to talk about both in the ring and behind the scenes. But that's not all, after that we have our second annual Honor Awards, spotlighting the best and worst ROH had to offer in the year and tying it all in a cute little bow. A supersized episode to end the year. https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingonly/throh-the-years-episode-32-final-battle-2003
  3. Sorry I'm so late getting to this but thanks for the compliments. Hearing someone binged the shows makes me really happy and also gives me panic attacks about people being exposed to that much of me. I agree that we're in kind of a transition period for ROH right now, which we'll probably address on our next episode when we sum up 2003. I'll be really interested to see when the product gets recharged in 2004, if it's when and how I remembered it.
  4. ThROH The Years has made it to 2019 and we've brought Joe Gagne with us to cover War of the Wire! AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe for the first time! Homicide vs. Steve Corino in a barbed wire match! An awful crowd! Problematic CM Punk commentary, the non-existent ghost of Don Muraco and the debut of HAMicide, this show has it all. https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingonly/throh-the-years-episode-31-war-of-the-wire
  5. I see it in the PWO podcast feed, and there's a little download button on the Soundcloud playlist that's at the Place to be Nation link and on the ThROH The Years page on the main PWO site. Is there anything/anywhere I'm missing? If there is I'd be glad to work to get it fixed.
  6. ThROH The Years helps conclude 2018 by reviewing…The Conclusion! It features the final ROH CM Punk vs. Raven match, but does it feel like a true satisfying end? Is Samoa Joe/AJ Styles vs. The Briscoes the best ROH tag match yet? Are any of these midcard feuds interesting? Did the SAT kill another wrestler? All these questions and more are answered, as we go bone to bone here on episode 30. http://placetobenation.com/throh-the-years-episode-30-the-conclusion/
  7. ThROH The Years presents another first time guest for a lengthy episode with the wonderful Joe Sposto! This was a show all about men behaving badly and we cover the Low Ki and Teddy Hart situations in detail. In addition, the Briscoes first ROH tag title win, and in a match you’d never see in these modern times, AJ Styles vs. Bryan Danielson. http://placetobenation.com/throh-the-years-episode-29-main-event-spectacles/
  8. ThROH The Years returns to New York and it’s a real whatchamadoo. We cover Empire State Showdown, a show famous for a very unique CM Punk/Steve Corino segment, but there are other things to talk about as well! Homicide vs. Samoa Joe in a no holds barred match! Julius Smokes’ best performance ever? Scarred Babies! Gerbils in G-Strings! None of that probably makes any sense to you but we promise it all will after you listen. The most laugh filled ThROH The Years yet! http://placetobenation.com/throh-the-years-episode-29-empire-state-showdown/
  9. The streak is over. ThROH The Years mourns (we mean celebrates) the death of a streak that has lasted all 26 previous episodes, but soldiers on with a review of Tradition Continues, the most misleading title in history! Matt and Trevor disagree more than they have in quite some time, but they come together over love for AJ Styles vs. CM Punk, Samoa Joe vs. Jay Briscoe, and Lipton’s Chicken Noodle Soup. Is this show kind of disappointing or a template for good B-market shows? We discuss, you decide! http://placetobenation.com/throh-the-years-episode-27-tradition-continues/
  10. ThROH The Years is here to bask in Glory By Honor 2, but we've brought a guest! AAW executive producer and podcast prince Dr.Keith Lipinski joins us to run down the whole show from a live perspective! Bathrooms overflow, Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels have a great match, and Terry Funk keeps it going at 59 but almost dies trying to meet our guest. Most importantly, Matt sings a Julius Smokes song at the end of the show, so I don't need to sell you on anything else. https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingonly/throh-the-years-episode-26-glory-by-honor-ii
  11. ThROH The Years hits the quarter century mark with episode 25, and Joe Gagne returns to help cover Beating The Odds. A fascinating show with tons of details about the Punk/Raven match that was and the one that, well, wasn’t. TNA tension, copious edits, Colt Cabana skin conditions and chicken parm are all talked about. Oh, and Trent Acid vs. Homicide 2 was pretty crazy too! End your summer right with this episode! http://placetobenation.com/throh-the-years-episode-25-beating-the-odds/
  12. The DVD delay stuff is such a weird thing that I feel like new fans won't even be able to relate to. The idea of creating a fairly episodic product where releases were at times many months after the fact, or as you just pointed out, sometimes even produced out of order, is something that probably seems martian to fans growing up in the era of iPPVs. I wish more indies would actually go back to more story/angle/feud based promotions now that most shows can be viewed either live or within a few days of occurring.
  13. Steve Corino loses his hearing. Dan Maff loses his consciousness. We lose our freaking minds. It’s episode 24 of ThROH The Years, and Matt and Trevor cover one of the best, most violent matches in ROH history, plus the first ever CM Punk/Samoa Joe match, plus like a hundred other things. The excitement is so dense you’re going to need a buzzsaw to cut through it, so prepare to enjoy. http://placetobenation.com/throh-the-years-episode-24-bitter-friends-stiffer-enemies/
  14. I ended up using your quote because I realized you posted it on a public message board so you'd probably be good with it. I just got stuck in the habit of asking for permission from the few times someone has emailed us private stuff. Anyway, thanks again for the notes, I love stuff like that, any extra background info for shows is always welcomed.
  15. ThROH The Years returns in the dog days of summer to cover Wrath of the Racket, one of the first B shows in company history. Jim Cornette’s in ring debut! Colt makes jokes! The world’s most dangerous washing machine is discussed, and we even start the show gabbing about modern ROH and plugging a retro ROH podcast that isn’t ours. We’re pretty nice! http://placetobenation.com/throh-the-years-episode-23-wrath-of-the-racket/