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  1. ThROH The Years and Dr.Keith Lipinski team up again to cover one of the best ROH shows up to this point in their history! Jimmy Rave flies off a cage! Bryan Danielson leaves ROH! Trevor loves Jack Evans and makes a weird statement he regrets! All that plus we invent the hottest new gimmick match! https://redcircle.com/shows/throh-the-years
  2. On this episode of ThROH The Years, Matt and Trevor review The Final Showdown, a quality offering that features Homicide and Bryan Danielson in a feud ending cage match, Austin Aries and James Gibson in a big world title rematch, and one of the most beloved ROH comedy matches of all time. All of this and Danielson finally allows himself to use a fork. https://redcircle.com/shows/throh-the-years
  3. Hobbes

    Speaking Out and Ranking Wrestlers

    I can't fault anyone for not enjoying someone's work once they find out they've done awful things, and so likewise, I'll never fault someone for not ranking somebody in a list for that reason. If learning some horrible fact ruins your enjoyment of a wrestler's work, then how can you rank them in a very personal project like a list of favorites? I generally separate art from artists but sometimes even I will have to go "I'm going to have to take a break from this wrestler/musician/writer/etc for a while" right after I learn about some atrocity they committed. What I will add though is I feel like it's pretty important for society, in general, to not conflate skill with being a good person. Talent in a profession does in no way prove any kind of personal character. You can be great at a profession and be a terrible person, you can be horrible at one and be amazingly kind and decent. I think in a world where people so often defend disgraced celebrities because they like their work, it'd be great if we could train people that talent and morality have little to no link. That's why I kind of like Meltzer creating the new Observer award that's basically "Wrestlers who actually did nice things this year", it's completely separate from awards for artistic achievement. I think it's also easier for me to separate art from the artist because I know I have zero influence on their lives. If I give a scumbag a good match review on a podcast or a high ranking on a list, I'm not doing anything to improve their lives. If I was an actual tastemaker or in a position of power anywhere, it'd get more complicated, but it's an advantage to being a shmuck. No one's life is changing because I like or dislike them. Finally, maybe this is cowardly, but separating art and artists just makes a lot of stuff easier for me. If I were to dock or ban people from reviews and projects for doing terrible stuff, where do I draw the line? If I set a moral standard you have to pass to get mentioned, what's my bar? Unpetentent murder and rape are easy to quantify and throw the book at, but there's a whole world of stuff beneath that. Also, how much responsibility would I then have to research the morals of every wrestler I talk about? Again, maybe it's cowardly, but it's just easier to say "I will cover everyone".
  4. A big ThROH The Years is here, as first-time quest Aaron Taube (Everything Evolves) joins us to cover Manhattan Mayhem, quite possibly the greatest ROH show of all time. CM Punk bleeds buckets, Low Ki returns, Jay-Z isn't actually there and Matt makes Trevor laugh hard, all before we all complain about 16 year old PW Torch reviews. https://redcircle.com/shows/throh-the-years
  5. ThROH The Years is coming hot out of the oven with a fresh show about ROH Stalemate, a fun B+ card with lots to talk about. Kevin Steen is t-shirt shamed! Bobby Heenan quits cause of cussing. James Gibson swears up a storm of his own! Lumberjacks that are afraid of their job! Signing bloody tissues! Do something cool and listen to this episode. https://redcircle.com/shows/throh-the-years
  6. ThROH The Years has brought Joe Gagne back to cover Best of American Super Juniors. An ROH show that is infamous, but is it also underrated? We talk Dragon Soldier B, Dragon Soldier A, CM Punk winning a shoot fight, one (or possibly two) great matches and a ton more on this loaded show. https://redcircle.com/shows/throh-the-years
  7. This time on ThROH The Years, Matt and Trevor go Back to Basics, covering the show of the same name! One of the weirder shows in terms of news stories surrounding it, we talk about Steve Corino no showing, Stevie Richards's random appearance, the literal death of the Special K gimmick and the metaphorical death of a member of the roster. Oh, and some wrestling matches happened too! Come see why ThROH The Years is Denmark's 14th most popular wrestling podcast! https://redcircle.com/shows/throh-the-years
  8. ThROH The Years kicks out 2021 with Trios Tournament 2005. It's a strangely noteworthy show, with the ROH commentary debut of Dave Prazak, the main card debuts of Steen and Generico, and a title change. It's also just a strange show. The ring breaks, Trent Acid shows up. Matt and Trevor talk about it all, but also about getting the runs and threesomes. A weird and wonderful show about a weird show. https://redcircle.com/shows/throh-the-years
  9. ThROH The Years closes out 2021 with an old friend in guest Dr.Keith Lipinski! We cover the third and final stop on ROH's Third Year Anniversary celebration, including the big Aries/Joe rematch, the start of the Punk/Joe feud, the second Heenan/Cornette battle and a lot more. Dare we say this is the only podcast episode that has both the inside scoop on CM Punk's tights and knows what portable gaming system he bought Jimmy Rave! https://redcircle.com/shows/throh-the-years
  10. ThROH The Years welcomes first time guest Steven Graham (Shimmer HERstory, Pro Wrestling Supershow) on to talk about ROH's Third Anniversary Celebration 2. Possibly greatest Jack Evans performance ever. The return of AJ Styles. Ted Danson. Gay Marriage. It's all mentioned on this episode, and by all I mean at least those four things. https://redcircle.com/shows/throh-the-years
  11. ThROH The Years is back with a supersized episode covering a supersized event. Matt and Trevor review ROH's Third Anniversary Celebration Part One. It's a show with a lot of stuff. The Foley/Joe saga ends. A great cage match. The mystery of Vordell Walker. Ebestus Jack. Tonight is the night you've been waiting for! https://redcircle.com/shows/throh-the-years
  12. ThROH The Years kicks off it's coverage of 2005 and it all begins with a show called, well, It All Begins. Samoa Joe and Mick Foley have a physical confrontation. Austin Aries' title reign begins. Danielson and Homicide start their best of five series. Everyone is injured. All this and more as Joe Gagne is in our Thunderdome. https://redcircle.com/shows/throh-the-years
  13. ThROH The Years follows up a supersized episode with an even larger one, because not only do we cover Final Battle 2004, we do our third annual ROH end of year rundown. That means we put a bow on Samoa Joe's amazing title reign, as well as Steamboat's year with the company. We give awards, we give overall thoughts, we lose our voices, we lose our minds. Thanks to everyone for supporting us through three years of ROH. Here's to three more! https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingonly/throh-the-years-episode-55-final-battle-2004
  14. Hey! ThROH The Years now has it's own podcast feed all over the place, although we're still also on the PWO podcast network. Oh, and a new four hour episode: This is one of the biggest episodes in ThROH The Years history. All Star Extravaganza 2. That means Joe vs. Punk, a match that makes Trevor feel human emotion. That means Jim Cornette vs. Bobby Heenan. Matt and Trevor also finally break down and rant about Dave Meltzer quotes like every other wrestling podcast ever. Plus Splash Cannonball, Jerk Jackson and so so so much more. https://redcircle.com/shows/throh-the-years/ Or iTunes or a bunch of places!
  15. https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingo...hunder-night-2 ThROH The Years wraps ROH's big Weekend of Thunder doubleshot. We cover another Liger dream match, a possible plant planting one on Nigel, a divisive No DQ match and one of the scarier injuries in ROH history.