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  1. ZubazKid

    Takagi Shingo

    @InYourCase thanks for the recommendations. I had only seen a handful of Shingo matches from ROH previously. I've just been bumbling around YT & DM so far like an ADHD afflicted WWE writer, but loved the BxB Hulk hair match linked above as well as 1 from 2017. Also thought the Danielson match was tremendous. Looking forward to watching more of his DG stuff & eventually his NJPW run. But Shingo has carried himself with such an aura & brings violence & a disdain for his opponent to all the matches I've seen so far so looking forward to more.
  2. I've been working my way through the 80s AJPW, Lucha & NJPW sets alternating (2 discs AJPW, 2 Lucha, 2 NJPW, repeat.) Also one off matches of 70s AJPW, Joshi & some 95 WCW (yes on purpose why do you ask?) Not sure I'm finding anything unexpected, the names highly through of here are popping Fujinami, Hansen, Funk, Jumbo, Billy Robinson, Destroyer, Choshu. Struggling to follow lucha but Sangre Chicana & El Hijo del Santo look good in the little bits I've seen. Joshi has been random matches but Jaguar Yokota has impressed & Hokuto v. Kandori was tremendous.
  3. ZubazKid

    P2B Greatest Crockett/WCW matches

    Here are matches 15-6. Top 5 should drop next Friday. http://placetobenation.com/gwcw-match-results-match-15-6/
  4. I've got a lot of catching up to do on various eras, promotions, styles, etc. So I outlined a rough plan to do so. Right now I'm watching comps for 80s Memphis, AJPW, NJPW & Lucha. I'll watch a couple discs of one then move onto the next so I don't get burned out on any one style. Next year I want to fill in some WWE gaps, take another look at my ROH collection & check out Portland & AWA, and so on. I may switch things up, focus on a candidate that interests me along the way, but having some semblance of a plan will help me see if I'm on track. I'm rating matches from each comp as I go, but I am trying to decide how to keep better track of candidates that appear in many different places. I am keeping a working list and will move candidates up & down it, but I don't add anyone until I feel like I've seen enough to consider them so it's nearly worthless now. Lastly, I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I want to watch as much as I can because I enjoy watching wrestling & want to see new stuff. I'm taking the project seriously & I'll consider everyone I can, but if it's more about the journey than the destination (and I believe it is) if I can't get to everything or something derails me hopefully I'll have still seen a bunch of great new stuff. At least I'm saying that with 5 years left.
  5. ZubazKid

    P2B Greatest Crockett/WCW matches

    I think there's a pretty good Mixon 80s JCP goodness and 90s stuff. Chad did a good job preaching the JCP gospel on Carolina Dreamin'.
  6. ZubazKid

    P2B Greatest Crockett/WCW matches

    Here are the next round of results in the PTBN GWCW Match project. We are in the top 25 now and results should drop the next 2 Fridays on the Place to Be Nation site. http://placetobenation.com/gwcw-match-results-match-25-16/
  7. ZubazKid

    2026 Nomination Thread

    Tyler Bate His freakish strength for a guy his size leads to some interesting offense, & I thought his emoting in the corner added a lot to the story of the NXT TV tag title match against Undisputed Era. He's been a stalwart of NXT UK with great singles & tag matches, Tyler Bate vs. Pete Dunne NXT Takeover Chicago Moustache Mountain vs. Undisputed Era NXT TV 7/11/18 Tyler Bate vs. WALTER NXT UK Takeover Cardiff
  8. Thanks to everyone who helped compile these resources. I've been pretty confined to WWE, WCW & ROH, but really wanted to start expanding into other eras, parts of the world, territories, etc., so the timing of this project is perfect. I've got some GH comps too, but a list like this makes catching up on viewing possible, if daunting. I'm a bit of a blank canvas so looking forward to seeing tons of new stuff.
  9. ZubazKid

    P2B Greatest Crockett/WCW matches

    The top 100 matches have started to drop. Results are posted every Friday at placetobenation. Sorry I forgot to post when the countdown began, but you can find previous results linked in the article below. http://placetobenation.com/gwcw-match-results-match-100-76/
  10. ZubazKid

    P2B Greatest Crockett/WCW matches

    Ballots are now open! You have until 12/31 to vote at the link below (also on the FB page under announcements) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfA0xWeKzXXINlm5RSthnfKU_rAyG8V9YTbb_nIO9UCXhFl5Q/viewform
  11. ZubazKid

    P2B Greatest Crockett/WCW matches

    I've updated the Google doc and tried to add matches from here not already included https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UwSVmjhfoqvSEygTNMLriPfx7komnGOkdi-oMVUZQCE/edit?usp=drivesdk
  12. ZubazKid

    P2B Greatest Crockett/WCW matches

    Updated the Google doc at the link below. The link should be the same & I'm trying to include any match recs on here wherever I get to that spot in my chrono rewatch (I'm about halfway through 88 now). Probably missed a few but I'll try to keep checking both sites and coordinating the list. https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/d/1UwSVmjhfoqvSEygTNMLriPfx7komnGOkdi-oMVUZQCE/mobilebasic
  13. ZubazKid

    P2B Greatest Crockett/WCW matches

    Here's a link to the Google doc with recommendations from the Facebook page. I'm trying to make recommendations slowly to keep the conversation going, rather than just one big dump of recommendations(I assume others are doing the same since there are some notable omissions from this doc). Anyone in the FB group feel free to add to it. I'll try to cross-reference this thread periodically and will add recommendations to make sure we don't miss anything. Really looking forward to this project. https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/d/1UwSVmjhfoqvSEygTNMLriPfx7komnGOkdi-oMVUZQCE/mobilebasic
  14. ZubazKid

    Introduction to the Board as a wrestling fan

    My name's Tyler, 42, from Kansas City. First got into wrestling when all my classmates did with the rock n' wrestling cartoon, but realized I watched a little differently when I was blown away by Savage-Steamboat but underwhelmed by Andre-Hogan (the match not the build.) Watched until about 1990 but other things took precedence in high school and the product hit a cold streak. Then my last semester of college I was flipping channels and came across Nitro. What's this dark nWo, and Sting's dressing like the Crow and holy he'll Hogan is still around and a heel??? That was 1997 in the build up to Starcade 97 and wrestling was becoming cool again (and I'll always believe the nWo and WCW drive that and made WWF and the rise of Stone Cold possible). Not only did I stay through the Attitude Era but to varying degrees until 2006ish when real life dulled my interest and the WWE was pretty shitty about that time. Along the way found online wrestling sites, ROH, tried TNA. I list interest until a few years ago, but would occasionally check websites and Scott Keith's site led me to Place to Be Nation podcasts, which led me to PWO. Along the way realized a lot more wrestling out there and accessible, so even if you don't share Vince McMahon's vision, you could still find good stuff. Recently watched a ton of ROH to vote on their top 50 wrestlers. Right now I'm watching both SMW and CWF Worldwide in order and loving both. Very interested in some of the sets and yearbooks on here, especially older territories like Mid-South and Memphis.
  15. I'm watching SMW in order and just watched this episode today.Terrible news that Dutch is gone with a whimper rather than a bang. That's one more highlight of SMW gone.