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  1. Grimmas


    This Sunday (October 24) at 3 PM Eastern, we will be watching the second half of AJW All-Star Dream Slam (post the legends ceremony, so all the good matches) but with the added bonus of the promos being subtitled!!! THANKS KAD!! You don't want to miss it. You can join here: https://cytu.be/r/GWE_WP That is also the home of all the other Watch Parties, here is the schedule for the rest of October: 10-21 @ 8:30 EST: Help me with my greatest match ever list, watching some great matches. 10-23 @ 12 EST: Greg "The Hammer" Valentine Watch Party 10-24 @ 3 EST: DREAM SLAM (mentioned above) 10-30 @ 12 EST: Bret Hart in the 1980s Watch Party 10-31 @ 3 EST: Dream Slam II, Part 1 Also, that link above has all of the previous watch parties matches linked and it's constantly playing, so jump in any time. Of course, lots of great discussion on the discord that you might want to join! https://t.co/0pOARzaXHD?amp=1 The very first official GWE Podcast will be released in the next few weeks as well, so pay attention to the PWO Podcast Network for the debut of "Maybe Not Taue"! It will include answering questions, some very special guests with people who put together the PWI 150 Women's list this year, plus my Top 25 wrestlers of 1990. The pod will be monthly, new guest, new questions, and a new top 25 list on different years leading up to voting! Wishing everyone good discussions!
  2. Grimmas

    Mercedes Martinez

    Mercedes is back on the indies and tearing it up again! Stock rising again! Heck she just carried Rachael Ellering to a pretty damn good match.
  3. Grimmas

    Great as a babyface & as a heel

    Seems it's pretty obvious that someone great at two things is greater than someone who is great at only one thing, eh?
  4. Grimmas

    Great as a babyface & as a heel

    I don't think they have to be both. Playing heel and face is one subset of versatility, but it's a subset. Is it more impressive that they played both heel and face, but only worked matches in one way or is it more impressive they were always a babyface but were able to work a variety of styles and types of matches?
  5. Grimmas

    Bret Hart

    Best Hart Foundation Tags: 1. vs Killer Bees (1986-02-27) "The best Hart Foundation match in history and I think the Killer Bees might be the Harts best opponents. They get all the time they want in front of a hot crowd. A great tag match that everybody should watch." 2. vs British Bulldogs (1986-01-18) "The best of the Hart Foundation and British Bulldogs matches and it’s weirdly on a house show in Maryland that never made a comp or Prime Time Television. It was a twenty minute match that actually had a pinfall finish, which is rare for their feud. Hot paced action here." 3. vs Demoltion (1988-08-29) "One of the most under rated matches in SummerSlam and WWE history and I blame the announcers who miss all of the great details. The story here is that Jimmy Hart, the Foundation’s former manager, has sold all of his info on them to Mr. Fuji and Demolition. The match is then worked where Demolition steals Harts knee opponent going into the ropes spot and other aspects of Demolition knowing the Harts play book. We also get this tremendous heat sequence which starts with Bret getting thrown shoulder first into Fuji’s cane. Demolition destroy the arm until the hot tag. Hart’s megaphone downs the Foundation. I love this one." 4. vs The Islanders (1986-11-16) "These two teams are perfect to have a sprint TV match against each other and this version of it is amazing. This match never lets up and has a great finish with Neidhart killing Tama with a lariat while he was on the top rope." 5. vs The Brainbusters (1989-08-28) "A kind of WWF vs NWA dream match in the opening slot of one of my favourite WWF pay-per-views. Bret along with Arn and Tully are just magic against each other in the ring, showing Bret could had fit in well with the NWA. A really hot opener and one of the best openers in SummerSlam history."
  6. Grimmas

    Bret Hart

    That was the VERY FIRST podcast I ever did!
  7. Grimmas

    2026 Nomination Thread

    UPDATED!!!! Sorry for the slow updates, I'll try to be more on top of this.
  8. Grimmas

    Brett Sawyer

    El Dragon said: "I have a longer rant to go on him at some point, but a total diamond in the rough of the Portland footage, who shines on a near constant basis in his available performances. Outstanding Babyface in singes with his matches with Flair and Rose (none of which feels like carry jobs in the slightest), and up with Piper as Buddy's best opponent in tag matches in Portland. Honestly, I'm stunned he has so little rep for someone who was clearly very good in basically all the footage we have of him between Portland and Georgia." Recs: Hack Sawyer vs. Buddy Rose (1/16/82) Hack Sawyer, Rocky Johnson, and Steve Regal vs. Buddy Rose, Rip Oliver, and Matt Borne (2/20/82) Hack Sawyer vs. Ric Flair (4/10/82) Hack Sawyer & Steve Pardee vs. Rip Oliver & The Assassin (9/11/82) Hack Sawyer vs. Ric Flair (10/2/82)
  9. Grimmas

    Dax Harwood

    joeg said: "The guy is the modern Bobby Eaton. He's been consistently great these last 5 years in TV tags and multi man tags and has had some all time great matches on PPV. I would consider him the best tag worker today and one of the best workers period." Recs: Revival vs DIY 8/20/16 and 11/19/16 FTF vs Young Bucks 11/7/20 vs Jungle Boy 1/21/21
  10. Grimmas

    Daniel Makabe

    NovaCVO said: "Makabe is a self taught backyard wrestler who finally broke it big in 3-2-1 Battle! With his series against top 50 GWE contender Timothy Thatcher. His style is based on having emotional, sub 20 minute matches full of joint manipulation and realistic grappling and selling all leading to a highspot that shows the direction of the match. He was having a breakout year before the pandemic hit, but in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 he was an obvious top 20 WOTY candidate. His sample size has decreased currently as he is impacted heavily by COVID as he is a Western Canadian while the Eastern US is where the indies are booming." Recommended Matches His trilogy vs Thatcher (3-2-1 Battle! Wet Hot Seattle Summer 2017, 2018, & 2019) vs Jonathan Gresham (3-2-1 Battle!: BattleMania 4/19/2019) w/ Chris Ridgeway vs Daisuke Ikeda & Yuki Ishikawa (wXw: Inner Circle 9 3/5/2020) vs Kevin Ku (SUP: Stay Cold 1/5/2020)
  11. Grimmas

    Nick Gage

    madwizzzard said: "A death match wrestler from the late 90’s through today (minus a small jail stay). The aura that this man is incredible. He demands the audience’s attention, he can go from playing baby face to heel without changing his character in a way that works for him. The crowed is into him either way. He is one of the best American death match workers. MDK all FN Day and free his boy 26!" Recommended matches: Allie Kat vs. Nick Gage (01/18/2019 GCW Take A Picture) Drake Younger vs. Jon Moxley vs. Nick Gage (08/07/2010 CZW Southern Violence) Justice Pain & Nick Gage vs. Necro Butcher & Toby Klein (07/09/2005 CZW High Stakes III: Joker's Wild)
  12. Grimmas

    Watch Parties

    CM Punk is happening now! Next week Matt Borne. Then Io Shirai! Also, we have a permanent link, that keeps the matches playing at all times from pervious watch parties and to watch the current one. https://cytu.be/r/GWE_WP
  13. Grimmas

    CM Punk

    The CM Punk watch party is this Saturday and I haven't really watched him in a LONG time. I'm so excited to see what I think now and to watch it leading up to his return.
  14. Oh Hokuto and Jaguar are both #1 candidates and damn you are lucky there is so much out there for you to discover.
  15. Grimmas

    GWE Non-Thread Worthy Comments

    I hope not!