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  1. Grimmas

    Mercedes Martinez

    Yeah, bad wording Deonna rules. Agreed totally with your first paragraph. Shimmer and 2019 till NXT are really strong cases. I'm still filling in the other gaps. I'll probably be the high voter and that's cool.
  2. Grimmas

    2026 Nomination Thread

  3. Grimmas

    Chris Sabin

    El-P said - An overlooked figure from the 00's indies to today's landscape. He's been half of the Motor-City Machinegun, which has to be considered one of the best and most influential tag team of the last 20 years (without MCMG, there's probably no Young Bucks as they are). Shelley is often thought about as the better worker (which is probably true), but Sabin has been a terrific worker for probably 15 years, still kicking strong to this day at age 40. A fixture in the early X-division, he really figured it out when he started the tag team with Shelley and they have many, many great matches against a variety of teams. In single he became a much more complete worker in the mid 00's, great flying and acrobatic X-div style guy of course, with great clean execution of complex moves and sequences, but also a great sympathetic babyface able to garner sympathy and work terrific and flashy comebacks thanks to his technical expertise. Way underrated compared to some of his peers. 2005.01.16 Chris Sabin vs AJ Styles vs Petey Williams (Ultimate X -TNA) 2005.07.17 Chris Sabin vs Samoa Joe (TNA) 2007.04.28 MCMG vs the Briscoes (ROH) 2009.01.11 Chris Sabin vs Alex Shelley (TNA) 2010.10.10 MCMG vs Young Bucks (Gen Me) (TNA) 2013.08.15 Chris Sabin vs Bully Ray (cage match) (TNA) 2021.08.17 Chris Sabin vs Josh Alexander (IMPACT) 2022.03.20 Chris Sabin vs Jay White (IMPACT)
  4. Grimmas

    Killer Karl Kox

    conker8 said - One of the great brawlers of the 1960's and 1970's. We can see a lot of Kox in Dick Murdoch (they even share the same finisher) as he was his mentor. Hurt by lack of footage. vs The Destroyer (7/25/75) vs Dick Murdoch (12/9/76) vs Giant Baba (3/3/81)
  5. Grimmas

    Bianca Belair

    Ed. said - One of my favourite wrestlers in the world today. You can tell as early as the Kairi Sane match in the Mae Young Classic that Bianca was gonna be a star, and that was only her third televised match ever. I thought she was a really good heel in NXT, but she's blown me away with her babyface run on the main roster. She's been in the best two womens matches in Wrestlemania history so she ticks the box for big matches, but her case is strengthened by a load of good TV performances in the past 4 years and with the title back on her again I think she's got a great chance to add to her case in the coming years. I think the beauty of her work is how many believable roles she can play; works well as either babyface or heel, incredibly athletic, good actor by WWE's standards when it comes to adding drama and emotion to her matches, she's freakishly strong to overpower any opponent she comes up against, but hardly the biggest girl on the roster so she can be overpowered and take a beating. Best use of hair in wrestling history must be worth a bonus point too! Vs Kairi Sane (14/7/17) Vs Sasha Banks (10/4/21) Vs Becky Lynch (2/4/22)
  6. Grimmas


    Clayton Jones said - A trailblazer in an era when intergender wrestling wasn't the norm, she made non-believers buy her against the toughest bastards going. At the same time she anchored women's divisions and worked around the world in a variety of roles that she usually thrived in. As an elder stateswoman she continues to deliver great performances and give back to the younger generation. Still doing some of her best work and finally getting some of her much deserved flowers. VS Necro Butcher - Stranglehold Wrestling KOTDM Finals 10/29/2006 VS Ayako Hamada - NCW Femmes Fatale Championship 3/12/2011 VS Jordynne Grace - Beyond Wrestling 5/29/2016
  7. Grimmas


    CurtainJerker said - She was Stardom's number one heel. Highly charismatic with great fan interactions. She did most of the heavy lifting to help carry the company with Io. She was the-on-the job trainer. Great body of work with rematches, tags, and feuds. Definitely a great and amazing worker who is danger of being lost to history. Won Stardom's official 2018 Best Match + 2017 Best Tag awards. Ranked #26 in Cagematch's Top Female Workers of All Time, under Aja Kong. She holds up compared to her contemporaries and today's batch of joshi. Sacrificed her body and career with high risk moves during her peak (2017-COVID). Mayu Iwatani vs. Kagetsu (12/24/2019) Io Shirai vs. Kagetsu Kagetsu vs. Jungle Kyona (1/14/2019) Kagetsu vs Mayu Iwatani (12/24/19) Kagetsu vs Hana Kimura (10/23/18) Kagetsu vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto (4/12/2017) Kagetsu vs Mei Suruga (2/09/2020) Kagetsu vs Stardom (Gauntlet Final) Kagetsu vs Meiko Satomura (Kagetsu's retirement match 2/24/20)
  8. TY! Yeah I think I have the audio figured out now, the lastest one I was happy with that! Glad you are enjoying!
  9. Grimmas

    Mercedes Martinez

    So she is 20 plus years into her career is given ten minutes with a commercial break a few minutes into the match facing an opponent who has never appeared in the company before where she hardly has and pulls out a decent match instead of a great match and we are treating this has some big negative. WTF are we doing here?
  10. Grimmas

    Questions for the GWE Podcast

    TY, i"ll add this to the list!
  11. Grimmas

    Command Bolshoi - send in the clown

    2010.12.12 Tokyo Kinema Club ICE × 60 Championship [Champion] Command Bolshoi vs Hamuko Hoshi [Challenger] This is Bolshoi doing a basic match to carry an inferior opponent. It's pretty damn good for that and nice to see this other context. I like the cocky bad ass Bolshoi quite a lot. Some of the mean slaps she threw were so cool! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RuqBNDYNQs Sorry only one today.
  12. 100% they are not all for the same reasons. Shoot style is something I really dislike watching. I can explain why if you really want, but it's not for me. I can't fairly judge it.
  13. Thanks! Yeah... there is something about WCCW that I think is good, but I just can't get behind. I can't articulate it yet. Kerry was clearly great, probably in the 26-30 range, but there is a lot of great wrestlers. One day I'll figure out my Texas thing, like I figured out why I don't like shoot style.
  14. Kerry question.. oh boy I have no recollection, more details please!
  15. Murdoch was in the KKK so had 0 shot and Lawler has some dark shit in his history so no, while the others I watched some of. Buzz, Kerry, DiBiase were all very close. I didn't think of Taylor actually, so not sure. Next 80s year I'll give him a good look. NJ/AJ I watched some of them, it's a lot of men being macho which is not my thing. Tenryu, Choshu, and Killer Khan almost made my list, last minute cuts really. Basically, for parameters, no to racists and sex abusers, and no to shoot style. I don't like masculinity a huge amount, so I steer away from that mostly. Thanks for listening and enjoying! I'm trying to be as unbiased as I can be in this biased projecct!