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  1. Grimmas

    Your #100 Spot

    Earthquake was #100 in 2016, you have to be better than Earthquake to get into my list. I like him as a guardpost! Going over my list this morning, I may have a different 100 this time, but I do like the concept of Tenta there. Hey may go up, don't worry no way he doesn't make it.
  2. Grimmas

    Current Top 10 Contenders GWE2026

    I shared you this in private, but right now I'm thinking it may turn out like this: 1 Hokuto 2 Nakano 3 Funk 4 Casas 5 Jaguar 6 Bret 7 Satomura 8 Hansen 9 Kong 10 Mysterio Not my current top 10, but what I am predicting based on what I am watching.
  3. Grimmas

    Meiko Satomura

    the second Kairi Hojo match too! All time classic.
  4. Grimmas

    Akira Hokuto

    Quebrada.net has this: GAEA Battle Station 8/1/97 Storm Signal #3 taped 6/29/97 Nagaoka Welfare Hall & Dead Heat #2 taped 7/6/97 Club Citta Kawasaki -1hr 25min. Q=Ex KAORU vs. Toshie Uematsu 16:45 Sonoko Kato vs. Makie Numao 14:19 Sonoko Kato vs. Rina Ishii 10:41 Chikayo Nagashima & Sugar Sato vs. Hiromi Kato & Sakura Hirota 16:39 Chigusa Nagayo vs. Maiko Matsumoto 9:51 Akira Hokuto vs. Meiko Satomura 20:19 Chigusa Nagayo vs. Makie Numao 19:59 Akira Hokuto & Maiko Matsumoto vs. Hiromi Kato & Sakura Hirota 12:11 KAORU vs. Rina Ishii 15:39 Chikayo Nagashima & Sugar Sato vs. Meiko Satomura & Sonoko Kato 16:08 Not sure if it's the full version or not.
  5. Grimmas

    Meiko Satomura

    I just watched this: where Sekimoto and Kana have a Ikeda-Ishikawa match and it's right up there on that level. Sekimoto is so unreal in every match I watch of hers.
  6. Grimmas

    Akira Hokuto

    The 1/4/91 Bull match? I have that at 9.75 stars, big fan! The early Toyota tags and singles series of matches are well worth watching as it shows her at character best in ring.
  7. Grimmas

    Akira Hokuto

    I think people have is that they see 93-94 and she is the greatest wrestler ever, then they go back to 89-92 or post 94, and she's more like a top 10 wrestler of all time and are all disappointed. From the moment she debuts she is really damn good and just keeps getting better and better. By 1991 I thought she was the best wrestler in the world, and that's long before the peak people talk about. She's special. If anything is accomplished in the GWE26, I sure hope it's killing the narrative that Hokuto was great in 93 and that's all they talk about with her.
  8. Grimmas


    Mascarita Doraga (El Torito) is the greatest imo.
  9. Grimmas

    Drew Gulak

    This was the match that made me think Gulak was the future of wrestling. vs Biff Busick (CZW to Infinity, 2014-04-27)
  10. Grimmas

    Big Boss Man

    Better series not better individual matches, although I think those two (matches you listed) are over rated. I think a more accurate statement is, Boss Man was a better opponent and worked better with Vader. They clicked better.
  11. Grimmas

    2026 Nomination Thread

    Orange Cassidy Started his career as the hot tag in a high flying ant team and was amazing in that role. Later turned into the best comedy wrestler ever, and has transitioned that into some insanely great matches (David Starr, Pac, etc..) .The commitment to character and the different ranges between them is pretty damn impressive. Recs: Fire Ant vs Vin Girard (2008-06-15 Chikara) Orange Cassidy vs David Starr (2018-11-25 Beyond) Orange Cassidy vs PAC (2020-02-29 AEW)
  12. Grimmas

    Watch Parties

    we missed you Join next week for Carlos Colon though. Voting open for the week after now!
  13. Grimmas

    Watch Parties

    At 1 PM eastern, we are watching Yuki Ishikawa. Join the discord for the audio chat, join people to watch footage and text chat. https://sync-tube.de/rooms/z1q5UTpCL
  14. Grimmas

    Shawn Michaels

    Since I don't watch Omega, I can't comment. On a positive note, Omega is likeable IRL, while Shawn isn't.
  15. Grimmas

    Shawn Michaels

    I'm not voting for Shawn, just like in 2016. Shawn Michaels throwing temper tantrums in the ring when things don't go his way hurts him for me. Shawn being the most unlikeable (but supposed to be likeable) character in wrestling history hurts him for me. His comeback really sucked for me, outside of one Mania match against Taker. He tried to rely on being a great athlete and wasn't. Also tried to rely on selling his injured back, but his selling was so over the top and cartoony. The Rockers stuff was good in AWA, but I hated about half of their work in the WWF. Most of their matches did the stupid thing, where they reversed the formula and cheated while Arn Anderson worked FIP. Hated it. Once he turned heel, his solo worked kind of sucked and was disappointing until 96. Yes, he ruled in 96-97. I do admit, part of him being an asshole in real life, his involvement in the screwjob, and him holding others down might be putting a bias into my views when I try to watch him. I can't control that.