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  1. This was really awesome. Everyone really looked great here. I'm a big fan of Tanaka but haven't seen anything by him this early in his career and he so easily stands toe to toe with Ohtani as being the stars of this match. Really cool match.
  2. samikhoshabeh

    Introduction to the Board as a wrestling fan

    Thank you! I'll undoubtedly just skip around but, you know, dreams. Anways, just subscribed to your YT channel. Stoked to watch a lot on there.
  3. samikhoshabeh

    Introduction to the Board as a wrestling fan

    Hello everyone, I'm Sami. I'm twenty nine, born in Tehran, but grew up in Los Angeles county and been here ever since. My wrestling fandom started with my brother and arcades. My brother used to take me to the local spot and he use to play (Wrestlemania) for hours as I just sat and became familiar with the wrestlers. He watched Raw at the time and naturally, I started watching, becoming heavily into it. Bret Hart was the first wrestler I really started to like. Shawn Michaels was the first wrestler I really started to hate. While I know the iron man match gets mixed feelings a young child in Reseda was losing his mind during every second of that match. At that point, I started watching every second of Raw. I came across WCW and that was what I enjoyed most. Better wrestling from various regions, it just really clicked for me. I never thought about this until recently but I stopped watching wrestling altogether once WCW started to flounder. So, that was probably in 2000, and I started watching again in early 2013 when a friend invited me to a PWG show. I live incredibly close to the venue -- it really blew my mind that something so wild was happening in that area. This led to checking what was going on in WWE -- Bryan was really starting to get hot, I thought he was incredible. This led to New Japan while the Tanahashi/Okada stuff was in process. I'd never watched Japanese promotions as a kid so the whole style really jumped off to me. So, ever since I've just been watching everything, past and present. Right now, I'm trying to follow companies starting from the first day of each decade to have a better perspective of what's happening globally in wrestling at that point in time. For example, it's cool watching Wrestling World 2000 where Chono has a forgettable match with Muto only to show up on Souled Out a week later to interrupt Disco Inferno. In short, I like wrestling a lot and I like talking about it a lot.