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  1. I watched this yesterday. When Ibushi started getting the leg worked over I tried to have tolerance when he kept using it on offense and chalked it up to a META narrative that he is just a dumb wrestler that takes too many chances. Then he just wouldn’t stop. Every ridiculous feat doubles down on the no selling. Add to that the phantom rana and I was completely checked out when Tanahashi says ok kid let’s go home winning with the high fly flow. **3/4
  2. This didn’t have enough desperation at the end for me. The mentor vs teacher thread was strong as well as the twenty minutes of table setting, but with the rumors of Trevor signing swirling around, the most drama I saw was from Cain’s mom screaming. Also the commentary especially Khan was atrocious.
  3. I found this more engaging due to Reckless being spirited and Mikey being sympathetic FIP. Still, Inferno was shit and Corino certainly was on auto pilot which is infuriating. An up and down card for JCW overall.
  4. I enjoyed this match and thought it was setting up to show Ki as a great tv worker in a eight minute environment but the six minute finish was jarring. I don’t know if they rushed early or what happened but it deflated the match greatly overall.
  5. Air Paris is facing Sabu in Athens. Were missing some context as far as storylines as it feels like Styles/Onyx and the entire crew involving Martin/Bailey are faces now. Styles was certainly the FIP throughout this match taking a huge back body drop. Suicidal Tendencies uses freebirds rules as Adam Jacobs gets involved and actually gets in the ring at points. Brawl breaks out for the finish as Terry Knight gets involved as well as Romeo Bliss whose 30 days banned from Wildside are up. Cole Brothers and Boogaloo Crew comes out again and the referee throws the match out. *3/4
  6. Long promo with Jeff G Bailey but it does good setting the table of what happened at the house shows and setting the stage for tonight. Paris attacks before the bell and the match is worked as a straight sprint. Sabu is taken to the hospital so he is unable to joint he proceedings. AJ regains control and has Paris set up on a table on the outside when the lights go out and here comes Sabu. Sabu does his out of control bit and hits most of his stuff cleanly looking good before finishing things off with an Arabian legdrop through a table. Short but to the point. **1/4
  7. Becoming a bigger fan of DDT, I enjoy seeing the origins and this was their biggest match of the year and a rare Korakuen show for them at the time. The KO-D title has become one of the top 5-6 belts in Japan and this is neat to watch it play out as well. I was unaware of anyone besides Takagi and loved Poison’s look. This was a really fun indie style match to watch. It was more like three separate segments than one cohesive match but that helped play up the characters like Hashimoto and Super Uchu in my mind. Hashimoto in particular looked like someone I would like to seek out more stuff of. Takagi is left with Poison for the finale and it is the story of good vs bad. Takagi runs through the whole arsenal and wins the KO-D title. This felt fitting for DDT’s biggest show of the year. ***1/2 (7.1)
  8. Dragon and Spanky both dance and Kevin Kelly says neither of them can on commentary. Quick match but Dragon/Spanky really open up the arsenal and the pace is relentless. They do a bevy of stuff that looks good and the sloppiness that was frequent in the early portion of the year has eroded now. Elbow drop and frog splash win what was essentially a squash. *
  9. Quick start for the faces and the heels are in disarray. Tracy shoves Victoria and she shoves him back knocking him on his ass. Bradley picks Smothers up and sends him back inside the ring for more punishment. Victoria distracts Shooter and Bradley is able to take over roughing him up on the outside. Tracy is awesome on top dancing around and delivering some nice little punches to drive the action. The elbow drop that allows for the hot tag was also well done. K-Kwik runs through everyone and then sexually assaults Victoria by kissing and spanking her. The faces end up picking up the win in a good main event tag for MCW. **
  10. Cade does an interview saying that he isn’t a kid anymore and challenges Tracy to a fight. You don’t have to tell Tracy twice and the fight is on. Jason Sensation does a good HBK on commentary. Rocker interferes on Tracy’s behalf inside the ring. Cade shows some fire at points but is still sloppy in other points botching a roll up. Slingshot chair shot looks as ridiculous here as it does anywhere else but Tracy’s personality does sort of fit that shit. Big kick by Cade and he picks up the big win. **1/4
  11. Seven is laid out by the Dupps before the match. Seven guts it out but is hurting. “PAYBACK SUCKS.” Seven has a few moments of offense but overall this is mainly a squash and Dragon/Spanky win the belts in 4 minutes with a combo frog splashes. ½*
  12. Spanky and American Dragon continue to gel as a team. The Dupps are a better version of MSP and they use their size and power to take control of the match overall. Spanky’s attire is unfortunate. Spanky gets worked on for the FIP in this match and one DUpp has a neat reversal of the Sliced Bread into a spinebuster. Spanky is able to pick up the flash pin in this enjoyable opening contest. Dupps attack after the match and Joey Abs comes in to break it up. The Dupps attack him as well. **1/4
  13. Spanky and King have a good sequence with King getting a crossbody for an early nearfall. Steel and Dragon follow that up with more stiffness and hard shots. Blade/Steel doing a double armdrag and we have Shooter & Blade squaring off. Austin is going to be on Power Pro. Busy guy today. Spanky/Dragon vs King and a partner would have been a nice series to see a longform match from. After five minutes the action breaks down and Steel gets a nearfall on a sunset flip on Dragon. Spank grabs the title but King backdrops and facebusters Spanky onto the title in full view of the referee. I guess since he didn’t bring the title in, its ok as the referee counts. Spanky vs King is being set up huge. Good tv match. **