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  1. Nice bloody brawl. It kind of gets overshadowed by the majestic visceral nature of Magnum vs Tully but the shots are stiff, the blood flows and the character work is well done. Abdullah acts like a game level boss that Manny must overtake. Length felt perfect too. ***3/4
  2. soup23

    [1993-09-19-WCW-Fall Brawl] Ric Flair vs Rick Rude

    Rewatched this tonight and Shoe is spot on. Through ten minutes and Flairs arm work I thought we were viewing a lost classic, Rude gets on offense and things slow wayyyyy down. I still think this is a terrific Flair performance and overall this is better than its rep but it is an interesting what could have been if Flair would have matched up with a more game physical opponent. ***1/2
  3. soup23

    [1980-01-18-AJPW] Giant Baba vs Angelo Mosca

    Not much action before Brody invades at ringside and he goes after Baba.
  4. Dull match with everyone on autopilot. There were some brief highlights of Robinson and Tenryu slapping each other but otherwise, I was bored.
  5. Really weird match that I’m not sure I liked or not. First portion was on the mat ang Joe was smothering showing how restrictive Cage is but beyond aesthetics, the work was dull and the crowd is mute almost the entire match. Once Hara starts getting rammed into the cage, the action picked up. Joe in particular takes some nasty shots full on during Haras comeback. Both guys juice and this is worked last man standing style of a ten count needing to be done for the win. A unique take on a cage match if nothing else and I could see some others really liking it. **1/2
  6. soup23

    P2B Greatest Crockett/WCW matches

    Watched Garvin vs Flair from 3/30/86 today and it was simply amazing. I think that and flair vs Steamboat will be the pairing represented most in my final list.
  7. soup23

    [1981-04-25-GCW TV] Ric Flair vs Tony Russo

    I believe the date is 4/25/81 on this. Quick match with Flair winning via figure four
  8. An interesting news piece with clips from the match set to punk rock and Monsoon and Hulk given kayfabed interviews but in a way that feels behind the scenes. Hulk says there is no substitute for victory and he’ll take as many shortcuts as possible. The piece turns utterly bizarre when the slow things down with eerie music saying Gorilla threw an air punch when it’s clearly a chop that did make contact. We then get the Samoans that couldn’t be interviewed because they don’t speak English. Piece finishes with wrestling being compared to recreational vehicles. This lacked focus lacked but was fun to see.
  9. We learn that Sponsors are offering $1000 for anyone to take a hair vs hair match with Rose. Hope is they win and buddy is so embarrassed, he leaves the promotion. That is awesome. Borne and Parsons don’t have their later year personas here and are essentially used as an upstart babyface role that is used to showcase Rose and Colt. This was my first time really watching Colt and he was effective as a scummy bruiser partner for Rose. The quality of tv wrestling in Portland is amazing. The actual wrestling is at a higher level than what we’ve seen and you have great personalities with Rose and everything surrounding him. First ten minutes is Borne in an armbar and all geek tactics surrounding that to maintain the advantage. Hot tag to parsons was great and crowd was heated. Buddy ducks a dive and parsons hits the post. Heels continue to take any advantage and sneak in to win the advantage. Match ends up going to a draw which helps elevate parsons and Borne immediately. Really solid tag match. ***1/4
  10. Match is a squash but Larry’s promo afterward is one of the best in wrestling history. Nuanced and weighted, Larry comes off as both endearing and whiny in the same promo and sets up the program with Bruno masterfully.
  11. soup23

    [1996-02-19-WCW-Nitro] Ric Flair vs Randy Savage

    Rewatched this today and liked it much more. The cutoffs and storytelling was spot on. Booty Man is still stupid but the can’t bring this down too much.
  12. soup23

    P2B Greatest Crockett/WCW matches

    There is no set list. The above and the Facebook page will provide suggestions and recommendations but we wanted to remove the nomination project since in previous projects, people voted for non nominated matches anyway.
  13. First off, great job on the edit. I loved it. Second off, this match rules. Good hate, sustained crowd heat and didn’t overstay it’s welcome. ****
  14. This was decent. I dislike Brody but thought his chain work and energy looked more menacing than usual. Toguchi was willing to play a nice foil. **3/4
  15. I thought this was fine as the first fall in a 2 out of 3 match but really bland as a stand alone. Dutch to me was the highlight with his grappling with Jumbo. Baba was really on autopilot.