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  1. And my username is pronounced bee- jay- kay- dye. I know it’s stupid, I came up with it when I was 10.
  2. Hi, my name is Cameron. I’m 26 years old living in Charlotte, North Carolina. I started watching wrestling at the end of the Attitude Era and was a HUGE Rock fan back in 02. I took a break from wrestling after from like 2003-2011, but got bored with the WWE programming at the time very quickly and took another break, but still kept up with things through Reddit and social media. Based off a recommendation, I watched Wrestle Kingdom 10 in 2016 and I’ve been back for good ever since. I found this website once I got interested in going back into the New Japan archives for recommendations and I’ve been thankful. This forum is a treasure trove of information for people like me and I’ve even created my own matchlists based off of recommendations from the site. I am now in my 90s New Japan and shoot style faze and look forward to continuing to learn from these forums and try to present what I learn and break it down even further into basically essentials for each era at least for Japanese wrestling. I do realize that this is essentially what Loss does but I want to break it down even further for someone who doesn’t want to go through 1000s of hours of footage and make it simple for all of the Neanderthals over on Reddit and the rest of social media (kidding kind of).