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  1. SegundaCuerda


    Virus vs Demus is another great Virus brawl: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dg1_rig0viY
  2. SegundaCuerda


    Yep, that's the intro he got when the late Armando Gaytan worked at CMLL as presentator, not sure of the exact years. He described Virus as more deadly than a lot of diseases, for example here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5SCUQpVKEY the presentation is literally as follows: "the wrestling bioterrorist, devastating like dengue, stormy like cholera, deadly like AIDS, now with his new allies, bird flu and the nile mosquito, the calamity...Virus!"
  3. SegundaCuerda


    Ok wrestler, and his character made him loved by the fans. He had great matches against Angle and Benoit, the tag with Bryan was also amazing in a point that I tought his career wasn't interesting anymore. No chance to be on my list, because is not that good for me, but not a bad wrestler by any means.
  4. SegundaCuerda

    Yoshihiro Tajiri

    Tajiri vs Taka in 2013 is pretty awesome
  5. SegundaCuerda

    Mercedes Martinez

    People should watch the match against Satomura in the MYC as well. Great worker, the strikes, the suplexes, the charisma, Mercedes rules.
  6. SegundaCuerda

    LA Park

    LA Park's record has only growth to be better and better during this years, his matches against Rush, Tanaka, Blue Demon, Eddie Kingston, etc are among the best of his career and it feels like he has more great matches in the tank for the next 5 years One of the best brawlers ever.
  7. SegundaCuerda


    This is weird, but I became interested in Goldberg after his feud with Lesnar, loved the squash at Survivor Series and their match at Wrestlemania was awesome. I even liked his match against The Undertaker, maybe for all the wrong reasons, but I enjoyed it. Maybe the thing I like is that the audience is totally into his recent matches because the feeling that Goldberg is gonna win with his first move, or with ANY move after that is so big that it creates a fun spectacle. I never really get into his WCW squashes so I didn't really care for Goldberg and I hated his run in WWE in 2003, but I would like to watch some of his old matches with new eyes. From this thread I'm rescuing his matches against Jerry Flynn, Regal, DDP and Sting, anything else that's worth watching?
  8. SegundaCuerda

    2026 Nomination Thread

    Command Bolshoi Great wrestler with a fascinating submission-based style that feels different from the rest of the Joshi wrestlers. She's one of my favorite woman wrestlers and I think she is an interesting case of the best Joshi who has made her career outside of the most important groups. I love the fact that there's a very romantic touch in her career story, how she resurrected and reinvented JWP, and how she had managed to kept her name and birth day secret as far as I know. I love that something like that is possible in 2021. She also has great athletic abilities which can be seen in her participation in the Chikara King of Trios, but where she really shines is on the mat. 1993/10/11 vs Cutie Suzuki 2002/09/23 vs Carlos Amano 2017/01/29 vs Kagetsu
  9. SegundaCuerda

    Becky Lynch

    Asuka vs Becky in Royal Rumble 2019 is my favourite Becky match in the main roster
  10. SegundaCuerda

    Becky Lynch

    Another fan of her SHIMMER work here. My only vision of woman wrestling during that time was WWE and the Daiee Haze vs Rebecca Knox matches were eye-opening. I missed her a lot and was happy to her comeback in NXT. The first match against Asuka I feel reflects well her mat style. It's hard to say if she well be in my list, but it's an interesting case, it depends on how she will be doing the next 5 years.
  11. SegundaCuerda

    Daniel Bryan

    One of the most fascinating things for me in this project is that Daniel Bryan is my #1 but I'm willing to see if I discover any wrestler who surpasess him or to watch more of some wrestler that makes think he or she's better than Bryan. He's my favourite of all time so of course I love his ROH title run, I've rewatched a lot of the long matches and I still enjoy them, but you may look for his matches against Necro Butcher and El Generico in PWG Giant Annual Size 2007 to check a "different" match from Bryan during that time, without the 30-min epicness thing.
  12. SegundaCuerda

    Bret Hart

    When I was a child and I only knew the Attitude Era I started looking for tapes of older WWF shows and I loved Bret and tought he was damn better that all the wrestlers I was watching on TV, he's like the one that makes me appreciate wrestling as a whole, the selling, the submissions, the storytelling, maybe I already did that without acknowledge it, but it started to be a conscious thing. Until today I still love Bret style and persona, he's easy to love and want him to win the match just for his entrance and how he wrestles. One of my favourites, maybe because a big nostalgia thing, but after watching a lot of wrestlers from different eras and countries, he still keeps that magic for me.
  13. SegundaCuerda

    Timothy Thatcher

    A lock for me, his record of great matches is extensive, I loved his EVOLVE run and the wXw matches specially, I like that he keep his style practically unchanged in NXT. For me, the magic of Thatcher is to see how the opponent will work a Thatcher match. He always do a similar match but it feels different to what everybody is doing in the places he has been, so when someone is going to wrestle Thatcher, I'm very interested in how he'll look in a Thatcher match, with Ciampa being the last example of that.
  14. SegundaCuerda

    Kazuchika Okada

    This is one of the wrestlers that gives me the hardest time deciding whether he'll have a place on my list or not. In a list of greatest matches ever, probably there would be enough Okada matches to consider him great, against Tanahashi, Minoru Suzuki, Shibata, and he also has a lot of very good ones against Omega (I love their fight in G1), Bad Luck Fale, and some sprints with a lot of humor against Yano. At the same time, it has a repetitive style that after all these years has also made me see several boring main events of half an hour or more, where nothing happens in the first half of the match, and the sequence of finishers seems to me the same that I've seen a thousand times. It's incredible how about 4 years ago I would have had no doubts that Okada would be in my top 50 and now I don't know whether to include him because of the little interest I have in his matches nowadays.
  15. SegundaCuerda

    Alexa Bliss

    I like her as a wrestler, not only as a character, but I can't see her as one of the best 100 ever. Her matches against Nia Jax are my favourites, the one against Ronda, and against Bayley in NXT.