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Tennesse Studs vs Stewart/Davey Boy

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Tennesse Studs vs Robbie Stewart/Davey Boy Smith Stampede 1982?



The Studs go by the names Ken Wayne and Danny Davis. Small wrestlers who like alike which makes it hard to tell them apart especially on old tape footage.


Stewart's a good hand in the ring from what I've seen and everybody already knows about Davey. The match comes in at the 10 minute mark where we have the Studs in the process of beating up the energetic Davey Boy Smith. This part of the match is okay but the better part comes once he tags in Stewart. Stewart hits a real nice version of the "Tenyru" elbow off of the top which had its own distinct look. Everything from there on out is pretty good. Stewart eventually gets in trouble and can't make the hot tag as Wakamatsu the Studs manager interferes which results in the Studs piledriving Steart on the concrete. Of course after that it's only a matter of time before Stewart bites the dust and the end comes shortly afterwards with a mid rope superplex which is all sorts of cool back in 1982. Probably about a 3 to 3 1/4 star match.




Mach Hayato vs Tony Rocco Stampede 1982?





Mach Hayato is a Japanese wrestler who tried to wrestle in Japan but was declined so he went to Mexico by himself and went on from there. He has even been credited for bringing the lucha libre style to Japan before even Gran Hamada and Tiger Mask. In a cool tidbit the Great Sasuke's mask design is actually from Mach Hayato.


The week before Hayato had a match and actually did a somersault plancha through the middle ropes into the crowd!!!! In 1982 in North America. Talk about predating ECW.


The match started off with some armdrag work that would've looked right at home in Mexico. The match doesn't turn out to be perfect but it is very good. Hayato hits a crossbodyblock over the top rope which has Whalen noting that he never saw that before. Hayato goes up to the top for a swanton bomb but Rocco catches him with an amazing superplex. It was actually like a jackhammer like Dean Malenko does only preformed off of the middle rope. Short match but fun.

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