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  1. Resident Evil

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    World of Hurt is the one wrestling show that I watch over all others these days. If I had to make a choice, that'd be it. Before that it was Tough Enough. The new ROH show coming out I will be watching too.
  2. Toyota and Davey Richards are different wrestlers with different styles with different things with different match structures that make them unique. Since this is the second time I've seen this comparison, I want to say I agree with the comparison in a lot of ways as at their core what makes them so awesome is the same thing but they're definitely different too. And I've said it before, but I have to say it again. Toyota just maybe the best wrestler of all time especially given the context of time. Screw it, she is. I'm even more convinced after rewatching her matches. Joshi puroresu is the most organic, natural, emotional and competitive form of the sport exhibition there is and Toyota is the king of the style. I would venture to say live it would be even more apparent. Nobody ever wowed me like they did when I first saw Toyota. Nobody blew my mind in what I was watching like she did. PWI had talked about incredibly amazing she was but even than I wasn't prepared. Not The Great Muta, not Sasuke, not Benoit or Dynamite or Scorpio or Eddie or Rey Mysterio Jr. or Ozaki or Yamada Keichi or Toshiyo or Owen or The LOD or the Steiner Brothers or Steamboat or Richards or KENTA or Kobashi or Misawa or any of the great athletic talents of today. I love every one of those wrestlers but nobody made the emotional/"This is the best thing I've ever seen in wrestling face drops down to the floor in amazment" impact that Toyota did. Not even the legendary Tiger Mask who is one of the best of all time in this category (which PWI also told me was one of the biggest names in Japan wrestling history due to his athetic ability) Toyota is everything that I love about wrestling. Also, hair is absolutely essential to a feminine woman. It is MUCH more signifigant for a woman than it is for a guy. Now I know someone might reply that Joshi wrestlers might not be that feminine but let's just leave it at that. So I imagine that would make the match more emotional for the female audience. Guys too to an extent.
  3. I have seen The Steiners vs Fujinami/Iizuka match from Japan on handheld. Terrific match. Incorrect Scott Steiner is somene who you don't want to mess around with. He could handle himself too.
  4. Resident Evil

    CM Punk: Greatest Promo Ever

  5. Freaking awesome picture.
  6. I remember this match being insanely awesome. Riveting, emotional, aweinspiring and the reason why I watch professional wrestling. The kind of match that sticks out from the pack and is timeless.
  7. On promos for NXT, didn't he say he want to main event Wrestlemania in the video packages?
  8. Resident Evil

    Who Is Better?

    At his peaks, Luger is better. I was one of the first people to be singing his 89 work:) Always been a big fan. Overall though, I have to go with HHH. People in 1989 were singing praise of Lex's work. I think he won Most Improved in the WON. John Yeah, I was shouting it out from the rooftops.
  9. Resident Evil

    [1992-03-07-SMW-TV] Rip Rogers and Tim Horner

    Does anyone know how insanely riduculous tough it is to do free weight squats for an hour?
  10. I watched it back in 93 and have been singing its praises since than. It's definitely one of the best tag matches of the year.
  11. Resident Evil

    Who Is Better?

    Hit the nail right on the head. Early Sting promos were insanely awesome. I remember loving them when I first saw his promos in 89. Luger too had awesome energy in his promos and it helped draw me in along with the more intense/sport like wrestling to WCW.
  12. Resident Evil

    Who Is Better?

    Sting is better overall though Luger does have some qualities that are better than Sting. Each can be better than the other. It depends on the night, the oppenent and what's going on. Both of them are responsible for one of my all time fav wrestling moments. That was when Sting came down injured, slapped Luger in the face during his title match against Flair while Luger was down and out. Sting's motivation causes Luger to go insane which leads to one of the best goosebumping producing Superman wrestler comebacks ever.
  13. Resident Evil

    [1992-01-26-UWA] Pegasus Kid vs Villano III

    For the record, this match is signifigantly clipped iirc. I'm a big fan of the match. One of the matches that turned me into a fan of Villano III
  14. Resident Evil

    Who Is Better?

    Does Smothers still wrestle? I heard he had a lot of concussion problems which were causing scary behavour.