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World Grand Prix Wrestling. I'm just curious if anyone's ever watched it before. This was a Maritime league and around Nova Scotia there were mainly two leagues people knew about back in the day. The WWF and World Grand Prix Wrestling. It's fun to hear people around me talk stories about the league but besides kayfabe memories there's nobody around on the internet who really knows anything. Not even the ultra hardcores.


Hardly any footage of this stuff is available at all and I don't even know if it's possible to obtain footage of it. Still, I'm wondering if anyone else has seen it before.


The reported hardest ring in wrestling, the Cuban Assasin, "Big" Steven Pettipas, the Beast, Leo Burke and Rip Rogers. Names that were around when I was watching it.




WP -- Thinks it's pretty cool that Dynamite and Andre the Giant were actually in my small town once before and would have had to have travelled the same roads around NS I have. Yeah, and I also missed out on a chance to see the British Bulldogs wrestling 5 miles away from my house because as a 13 year old I was too skeptical and already believed that the guys wrestling here would have to be imposters and could never possibly be the Bulldogs.

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